ADA tattoo and I am minting a silver Lovelace coin

In one or 2 days I will get an ADA tattoo, I am also minting a silver coin to celebrate the project.
As many of you know I am the creator of the Lovelace coin to celebrate the Cardano ADA project. The first physical coin community project.
See more about this at Kickstarter

there is also a dedicated subreddit

I am already the first to mint a coin in celebration of the project, I am also considering to be the first person with a Cardano (ADA) tattoo.

What do you think?

Is there someone you know that already has a Cardano ADA tattoo?

Should I do the letter A? the logo? Lovelaces face?

I am thinking about getting the A logo, because it is also similar to the Anarchy logo and although I don’t like labels but I am part of the Freedom/Libetarian/Anarcho Capitalist movement.

Comments and suggestions welcome.


I like the Daedalus logo

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Love it. Do the β€œA” logo. It will be a great conversation starter. It will also be instantly recognizable later when ADA is more well-known, just like the EUR symbol is today. In contrast, the ADA head/face just looks like a woman, which virtually nobody will ever recognize.

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