Lovelace Currency Symbol Proposal

I think it’s probably common sense why we would want or need a currency symbol for the lovelace. I have only found one other proposal on this forum, I don’t know if there are others floating in the ether. I also don’t know if McCann is still in the picture and are planning to make a proposal along these lines. However, I would like to get this idea out of my head on to the screen to share with you all and ask for your feedback:

The goal would not be to design a “logo” but a glyph/symbol instead that can be submitted to The Unicode Consortium and then can be adapted to different fonts by typographers.


Good point!

I think this one is very unique, I also like @FlippyFlink one, but yours does not look like the litecoin’s.
Two L is simply genius. Are you a designer?

Also, I would recommend to create an issue on Daedalus github, to gain some attraction from their Designers.

@FlippyFlink @_ilap Thanks for the responses guys. I have close to a decade of experience as a graphic designer, though I have moved on from the profession. I thought about appealing more directly to IOG on this but I think this should be adopted by the community instead (And I am sure IOG would agree). At some point, I might put together a serious funding proposal to explore this and other potential designs further. We could also roll in getting the ₳ symbol classified as official in the unicode character set too. Since there wasn’t much traction for this thread or an identical one I posted on the cardano subreddit, I moved the idea to the backburner for the time being. Maybe it will be most effective to wait a couple funding cycles to let the more pertinent proposals get funding first, then try on Dfund/Treasury/Catalyst/Voltaire or whatever we end up calling the Mainnet system.