Ada and Lovelace logo

Coin-Cardano-Lovelace Coin-Cardano-Ada
After reading adarchy logo I got inspired to this Lovelace logo. I believe that Love brings us further :smiley:
1 Lovelace = 1/1,000,000 Ada and thus 10 Lovelace = 0,00001 Ada


looks like Litecoin logo.


Coin-Cardano-Lovelace%20-%20low org
Perhaps this one looks less like the Ł or Litecoin logo?


I like it! the thumbnail for your profile caught my attention immediately, looks good man!

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“Adarchy”, not “anarchy”. It’s a coined word with it’s own distinct meaning.


Please explain to me what’s so scary about the slogan: “Order Without Rulers”?

I go out of my way to point out the difference between “Anarchy” and “Adarchy”:

It’s adoption. Ppl would be hesitant to adopt if there is a resemblance. The same would apply to a Buddhist symbol that resembles a swastika. Even though it’s nit the same, people are reluctant to use this publicly. It’s ignorance to not know the difference one could argue, but that’s the way it is.

I agree. That’s why it leads to a website that makes it all clear.

But there needs to be a hook; something that grabs their attention enough for them to investigate further.

You are right, I corrected it to Adarchy. I think you made a nice logo and "Order Without Rulers is a nice slogan. But whenever I associate something with anarchy I personally get a negative feeling. Whenever I hear the word anarchy on the news, it is mostly in a negative way. So when reading Adarchy my feelings got the same association. I can however only speak for myself. Hope you understand. Did not want to kill your buzz and appreciate your contribution to the community. Also the Lovelace logo was not ment as a replacement of your logo, but your logo got me thinking that I didn’t see a Lovelace logo yet :grimacing:

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So I’m from across the pond so no US dollars here, but since the lovelace logo is similar in design to the ada logo, why not use both designs on separate Dollars for your statements, since they both represent the same ideas but have alternative individual instinctual personal interpretations.

Nothing killed. I realize this will cause controversy, but that’s the best way to get noticed and get people asking questions about the status quo.

We need to draw attention to the fact that the dominos of a world wide depression have begun to fall. And how ADA is a new system that could help in all this.

Well at least I do.