Does This Accurately Symbolize Cardano?

I’ve refined this logo (with the help of: you know who you are :pray:) and slogan. I found the similarities between the anarchy symbol(s) and the ADA logo too intriguing to pass up.


I feel the slogan: “Order Without Rulers” encapsulates the Cardano ethos quite succinctly.



Personally, I am not a big fan of the circled Ada symbol and the “anarchy” look-and-feel. Most people will not associate anarchy with positive vibe and I fear that it might even discourage them from exploring what Cardano/ADA is if they feel that it has something to do with anarchy.

Ask your parents or non-crypto people around you what they think about anarchy and I guarantee that 8 out of 10 will not answer in a positive manner. There might be exceptions but if this is supposed target mass adoption/promotion, I would use some more subtle symbol and tone.

So, final verdict:
Drop the “adarchy” text for reasons above, don’t use such fonts that resembles more metal bands than a serious financial product and consider thinner lines and finer touch so it actually looks like something from 21st century. An inspiration below (spend 60 seconds with it, definitely not a final suggestion).



But this is the demographic we are going for. We are trying to make Cardano cooler and less boring. Let’s face it, Cardano is seen as a bunch of computer nerds and geeky academics. We already have that demographic covered, in spades.

I do hear what you’re saying, and this is why I chose to show the distinction between the two anarchy symbols/ideology. I coined the word: “Adarchy” to change the perception.

p.s. I am one of the “parents” you refer to.

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I think the Anarchy mantra is counterproductive in my opinion. The number of professionals turned off by the anarchy look and feel may very well exceed the number of rebels gained.


I see your point. Maybe it would hold true for some but I can say that serious financial professionals wouldn’t care about symbols as long as the tech is solid economically and financially.

Cardano one of the best-designed cryptocurrencies, built by actual scientists. It focuses on interoperability with traditional financial infrastructure. That goes a long way in serious circles.

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We’ll have a website that explains the distinction in detail.

Are we here to just appeal to large corporations or should we maybe try to engage regular people in our marketing as well?

As it is right now Cardano is boring and to the average person. And there are 350 million average people in the U.S…

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I’m all up for targeting non-corporate masses but just strongly feel that the anarchy symbolism is not something that would ring the bell even in your target group. It is easy to get the feeling that people will love the anarchy movement if you are surrounded by like-minded individuals but doubt that average John will sympathize with such ideology.


Fair enough. I feel motivated, no PISSED OFF enough at the current systems to DO SOMETHING about it.

I’m glad to hear these responses because this is suppose to be on the edge.

From a marketing perspective it’s great to stir up a bit of controversy.

I also don’t think that a major corporation will change their mind and not get into Cardano because of a guerrilla marketing campaign.

Order Without Rulers

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I think The Cardano Effect is great. And I don’t watch it because I find it boring. I’m quite sure the majority of the people on the planet would also see it this way.

Cardano is going to be an enormous, world changing project. What is coming out from it, all perspectives and demographics, is a natural, organic expansion.


Mate, this movement is coming from your heart, just listen to it and follow your instincts.

You are in the lead and we will support you on the way!

I don´t see an issue for such a global major revolution Cardano is aiming to accomplish to have multiple different marketing initiatives running in parallel.

Your dollar stamping Evolution movement, the Street Art Competition and maybe even the Giraffe plush mascot initiative.

Because of the scale of disruption we want to achieve in varios cultures, societies, geographics there is no general recipe. We have to tackle this on multiple levels.

The only important things is we don´t go extreme or radical in any marketing initiative. I personally don´t find your initiative & current design to be on that far end and feels very much “compliant”.

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I don’t see that as an issue either. And I hope everyone lets everyone do their own thing without going against each other.


That´s what decentralization supposed to be about.


I agree the Cardano Effect is boring to some viewers as indicated by the comments. Other viewers hit the like and sub buttons, and many simply don’t watch at all.

The logo you made is pretty cool though.


The Cardano Effect is spreading the gospel to a perhaps small (in relation to the entire general public), but vital demographic.

The Evolution is spreading the same gospel to the people who are more aligned with the “Occupy Wall Street” and “Yellow vest” movements.

Same destination, different paths.


@Zenman Agree :100: w/ you, different strokes for different folks.

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nice point of view

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I do like it. Although the “order without rules” is more of an ideal rather than reality… so I’m not sure if you want to temper that notion somehow. One cannot ignore rules…or rulers. Just my opinion. I do get your libertarian zeal, personal responsibility, etc. but that’s not the world we live in.


The slogan is specifically “Order Without Rulers”, not rules.

I agree that this notion is an ideal and not the world we live in. That’s the point of The Evolution; to change the world.

I feel Cardano has developed a system that’s as close to order without rulers as anyone has ever gotten.

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I get it man, but whence do rules derive from? :slight_smile:

Cardano will first be targeting 3rd world economies (the unbanked) that have been raped by endless anarchy and rogue governments. The last thing these people want is an association of Ada with anarchy. Moreover, when Wall Street hedge funds will want to make serious investments into crypto, no one in their right mind would put billions at stake with a protocol associated with the theme anarchy. You don’t have to look far to see that Cardano’s mission is to work with governments to bring about a new, more efficient and fair financial order via reform, not revolution.

My two lovelaces… thanks for reading