Is There Anyone Working At this Place?

Is this forum a place where the community interacts with IOHK and Emurgo? It’s my understanding that’s the very purpose of the Cardano Foundation.

I’ve been bouncing around in here for 48 days now. I’ve offered up a commercial that received some positive feedback. I’ve devoted my own $ and time (as are others) developing and implementing an entire guerrilla marketing campaign. I set it up for the development team to get ADA listed on the Canadian exchange Coinfield.

NO RESPONSES from a Cardano employee. The only interaction I’ve experienced is from other community members. Am I missing something here, or is Cardano?


You are not the only one with this issue mate.

Look at the feedbacks on the Ambassador Program released, which were not reacted upon for 3 weeks now.


I can see already the bottleneck that’s forming. The community is rushing ahead with enthusiasm and the system is too bogged down with formalities and/or too understaffed to keep up.

I think the ambassador program is awesome, but if it’s too slow to implement then it will actually impede growth rather than foster it. Maybe something as simple as more employees would help. It’s vital for any project to have a strong community base. Even just a sprinkling of ADA (treasure!) for funding would go a long way to keeping people happy and momentum moving forward.

I would rather have things less “fair” and moving than perfectly fair and stagnate.

So if there is funding, it might be good to know:

  1. How much there is set aside to divvy up.

  2. When does it start?


I don’t really understand what you guys want to advertise or promote right now. A scientific paper? A wallet? A domain specific language? Cool ideas?
We need to wait till we get something to show for the masses and then spend money on advertising it.

Free promotion by community members - sure.
Expensive marketing programs for non-existing product - please no.


Do you own ADA and continue to buy ADA? If yes then there’s a product. A product that we could be marketing to the masses. When Coinbase adds ADA with all those other coins it would be good to have ADA already in the public consciousness.

The marketing campaign I’ve developed infiltrates the consciousness of the general public. It requires very little $ but a lot of manpower. Just a little support would go a long way.

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Bitcoin alike system (cardano sl) isn’t something you’d want to advertise, it hasn’t progressed much further than any other crypto.
We need to show people a working PoS, a working Cardano-cl with all the promised frameworks and languages.
Otherwise people would think that you just promote an idea, and ideas are worthless (edit: especially in crypto space, where everyone claims to change the world).


You’re speaking from the perspective of someone who has been in the space for some time and has done research.

The Evolution movement is about making the public, who have little or no understanding of blockchain, aware of ADA.

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IMO you can´t start early enough with raising awareness of the general public.

There will be others to join as they don´t need to see the castle built, just the concepts, process, people and methodologies used to build it and listen to the leaders driving the construction.

The crypto revoluion requires revolutionary marketing, why I personally fall in love with this idea.

Have a look at there is quite some progress, and not only on research, but development.

Though for sure once we have PoS is a good time to start a second wave of marketing. And the strongest wave should come from all the DAPPs, which will run on top of Cardano.


Guess Parsons was right then,

Let’s do nothing and wait IOHK get the things done.

IMO, its never too early nor too late, things gotto rolled out.

We all felt the pain, the community support part is probably the weakest point in this project.

I had been working with people for the Chinese community for nearly a year.

We spent our time and effort, paid our own necessities. 0 support was given, requests got ignored, and great people left eventually.

I remember CH once said about his involvement with Ron Paul campaign long ago, it was easy to attract new people but it was hard to make them stay, I guess this is exactly what’s happening now.

Guess the importantance of the community only remains in verbal.

Kinda sad


I can understand why people are frustrated. I definitely appreciate your efforts and everyone who contributes to this space. All I can say is my attitude is to keep plugging away as I have found that it usually pays off in the end. Sometimes in unexpected ways.


You just brighted my :heart:! Lol

Ya, I’m not giving it up yet.


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Yup. Karma is the grand equation.


Hi Zenman,
I noted your proposal and request 9 days ago, and immediately forwarded it to officials.

Sorry, the last days were filled for me with some very good but also completely useless things. Today I intervened again because of your request and someone should contact you shortly.

Thank you for your interest in connecting to potential exchanges.


lol. Well that’s… good?


Every movement needs some time to get momentum. Keep going…don’t give up, even in case your current ideas shouldn’t work out!

Btw. I also have some experience in guerilla marketing, and I know how powerful it can be.

I also think, we have something to market in the current stage of the project - at least Cardano‘s vision.

I appreciate your engagement and your energy - don’t loose it by expecting too much too quickly. Everything probably will need more time than you’d expect, but it can be worth all the efforts…finally.


I appreciate this more than you can imagine.

I know how difficult it is to get people to think outside of their own box and see something completely original with objectivity.

I actually made it on to the TV program “Dragon’s Den” when it was the most popular show on CBC with 2 million viewers each episode. I eventually did let go of it as momentum reached a certain stage then stalled.

The Evolution is different than Airball in that the timing is right and there’s a core group of half a dozen who are as into it as I am, whereas before it was just me.

I see this movement growning organically, spreading through word of mouth and actual, face to face human interaction. This may take more time, but the result will be a loyal, dedicated, strong community.

NYC is where the first seed is presently germinating. Would be nice to have a few more seed cells spread throughout the US.

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Apparently I have a thing for stylized A’s.



:rofl: this is one of the funniest things I’ve read in this forum.


I personally feel like we need to be careful about using resources in an inefficient manner. I personally had tons of people asking me about cryptos back in late 2017 and early 2018. Many of these people didn’t have the time to learn about blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies, so they leaned on me for a crash course. Many of them own Cardano (because of their faith in me mostly), but none of them would be able to tell you the difference between Cardano, Ethereum and Bitcoin at this point. And to be blunt, they don’t really care. It’s money that they dumped into an speculative investment and now they are going to wait for it to “moon” or go to zero.

So my question is, who is the target audience for Cardano? Is it everyone walking down the street? Is it developer communities? Is it countries where IOHK is aiming to launch pilot programs? Or do we need to focus on the greater crypto community, and the people that have already shown a desire to learn about the industry?

The fact is that most of retail folk won’t invest until they see how Cardano can actually have an impact on their life directly. What problem(s) does it solve for me? Because of this, I think it’s important that money not be wasted just trying to pimp-out the Cardano brand to anyone and everyone. Having an extremely narrow target market is crucial for having these early campaigns have any kind of success.