Getting ADA listed on Canadian exchange Coinfield

The following is a discussion I’m having with the folks at Coinfield:


Thank you for your positive feedback.

I have just been advised that for us to consider a token to be added, we will need the head developer of the project or company directors to send a formal request to us using this link: If you are able to ask the ADA team to send us a formal request, this will greatly increase our ability to add this token to our exchange."

Should someone get on this?


Hello? taps screen

Is this thing on?

try this

I appreciate it but I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops on this. Come on people at the Cardano foundation. I’ve set this up now knock it out of the park!


CF is still restructuring, Emurgo is a better bet. And sending an email is hardly jumping through hoops! :smile:

The page that link leads to isn’t a simple email address, otherwise I would have done it.

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Try Emurgo. Believe there is a dedicated team for on-boarding exchanges.

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Just venmo me some money and I’ll buy it for you.

I buy ADA on Binance. It’s more about getting ADA on the exchange than it is about convenience. But yes it would be convenient for me.

Good initiative. @SebastienGllmt care to forward to correct internal group if Emurgo can be helpfull

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Did anything happen with regards to this? Is getting ADA on another exchange something that is important?

I’m finding the communication between the community and the Trinity to be poor. Is there not a full time Cardano employee working as a liaison or some such thing? Would it be of value if there isn’t? Isn’t that what Cardano is for?

It’s important to tag @maki.mukai, @tom.kelly if you are looking for a quick response :wink:

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The best response to provide CoinField is to see if they can get started with the integration with their team. IOHK’s support team and developers can assist when issues arise but exchanges should be able to integrate using Cardano Node API.

Our documentation and GitHub links to the IOHK codebase are listed below:

More information on the latest Cardano and Cardano Wallet (Daedalus) development can be found in our weekly update on

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thanks for your suggestion. sorry, but why coinfield?

it is not listed on the top 100 exchanges and it is not listed on coinmarketcap.

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Coinfield is the exchange I use to purchase my crypto. They sent me a notice explaining that they just added some more coins, none of which were ADA. I responded to their email asking when they intend to add ADA, and that I was tired of transferring over to Binance in order to buy my ADA. They responded with the link in the original post.

That’s why.

I thought that maybe helping get ADA on an exchange would be seen as something positive. Sorry to bother you. Jesus. What a shitty attitude!

Hi @Zenman! I think Cliff was just asking for your input on why you preferred CoinField.

As you can imagine, we get many requests from exchanges all over the world of many different sizes or niche strategies. It’s great to always get input from our community members who actually use these exchanges :slight_smile:

As mentioned in my reply above, it would help move the process along if Coinfield can have a look at the Cardano API. I’m sure they have a developer team in place that can get it started.

And friendly reminder to try and keep things positive! :slight_smile:


sure it is positive. i’m sure coinfield will be adding us this year. thanks zenman.


I apologize. However I’m sure you can see how I took Cliff’s response as condescending and dismissive.

Ditto to you Cliff.

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Yup, unfortunately messages shared online or across text messages can always be perceived in the wrong way or misconstrued. But looks like we’re all working towards the success of the Cardano project! :tada:

Thanks again for sharing info about Coinfield. Hopefully we’ll see them list ADA this year :slight_smile: