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So I contacted the Coinfield exchange many months ago about listing ADA and they sent me a link/form, which I shared here.

It"s still not listed. How much work is it to address this?


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I also try to ask to list Cardano. But, no luck.

As far as I can tell the emphasis is more on C.F. to get ADA listed than it is on the exchanges.

Best get as many on ramps open as possible before this bull run gets bottlenecked!!

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I believe Cardano is taking a conservative approach here for the exchanges.

1.) They want to have shelly and other upgrades fully tested and up and running
2.) They do not want to be another pump and dump coin
3.) They’re setting up the infrastructure for the long term (100+ years even after the creators are long gone).
4.) They might become fully decentralized once every goal and upgrade has been achieved and mass adoption has come to fruition.

So, the slow addition of exchanges will be slow and will not happen until systems are up and running and these exchanges are trusted.

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I think the Cardano Foundation should specifically list US exchange listing as a priority. Why not?

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