Cardano’s ADA May Be Listed on Coinbase Before the End of 2020

After years of ignorance and disdain, a positive article on Cardano in the Graph. Unbelievable. Things Are A’ Changin.


I was thinking ADA might be added to Coinbase in July or August. This article makes me think that ADA might be added later in 2020. Any good estimations from those on this thread???

It’s hard to say. Personally I think 4th quarter. This would give them time to make sure Shelley is working OK and get fully decentralized. I think the plan is to shut off the federated nodes in stages as they gain confidence in the stakepool ops to take over completely. Could be anytime though.

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Thanks for the input Donny!!!

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Here is a video on the topic with another opinion:

just saw this today. I think they are really wanting to see staking happen on the main net before they green light listing it. Should hopefully provide an uptick in ADA’s price and more popularity as people start to investigate the most technically sound cryptoplatform in existence! We need more adoption however with practical use… if it is going to live up to being the TCP/IP of crypto for the next 5+ decades.