Coin Market Cap shows 11 Exchanges Listing ADA!

I am very happy to see that CMC shows 11 exchanges listing Ada, some of them are very small, at this link for Cardano…

I don’t see these all listed on the Cardano home page at

The Cardano dot org site says HitBTC is coming soon, but HitBTC is actually listed already. Cardano dot org does not list either, which is starting to show a good little bit of trading action as well.

Edit: There are 22 listed below but several repeats.


I wish there was a site showing 11 Merchants accepting ADA :slightly_smiling_face:

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The problem with merchants as of now is that for every one who spends their ada at a merchant, it lowers the price of ADA or at least creates selling pressure, which is pretty funny.

Since no merchant actually keeps the ADA, just like they dont keep bitcoin, they would have a payment processor and get FIAT, they just sell it to a new buyer on an exchange for FIAT, so if everyone started spending their ada on a daily basis the price would collapse and eventually no one could buy anything.

That is why use-cases are essential or its just a basic ponzi like bitcoin. Its really really funny when people get excited about places accepting bitcoin, like amazon, or steam etc etc… Because the only thing it does is collapse the price.

Bitbns is a new one for trading with the Indian Rupee. Will be interesting to see how that pans out…

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My observations have given me the impression that with more merchants comes more adoption of the coin, also it is a good gauge of community involvement and depth of support, although, you may be correct about the selling pressure.

It is good to see more exchanges, I have to wonder how come so few have listed it, maybe some serious crypto bias? Or does it take time to make room on an exchange? Greed usually wins in the end, and when Cardano hits an ATH I would suppose after it being in the top 10 for so long many more exchanges will list it and drive the price up a little.

@DarfADA All fiat pairs are good, glad to see this tidbit of news, hope it is real :wink:

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This is because of IOHK, still working on the wallet, expanding in stages.

Binance will be adding fiat exchanging soon.

Binance Malta


Well first, it is still just speculation or a hope…

“We are very confident we can announce a banking partnership there soon,” CEO comment…

It sure might happen, and the CEO probably has better insight to say that he is confident… So it is probably likely. Of course it still begs the question if this is even a good idea, and if it can hold long term… Again, in the end this is not up to “malta” they have no power… Its just a small little island…

If the swiss couldn’t stand up to the US, malta cant either :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course they have the option to ban US citizens, one they might take.

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Yes me too @anon20038177 the more wide spread the adoption, the greater the potential for increasing value. I am expecting as more exchanges pick up on Ada then the volume of trading will grow, gradually adding to the market cap.

One site I would really like to see pick up Ada trading is , they have a really cool trading interface and are based in San Francisco.

Here is the BTC page of their trading post

Here 2 months later and Coinmarketcap shows 16 Exchanges now, 3 of those are fiat to crypto additions :+1:


CoinBase and Robinhood ADA/USD would be massive!!! Once / if those happen we’d be guaranteed to see a price spike.

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