Do you think ADA's price will increase when listed in Bitt/Cryptopia?

Hi all,
According to Cardano Hub, ADA is going to be listed in 2 other exchanges soon (I guess it’s confirmed already). Honestly I don’t even know them but it seems like something important to bring up competition and more options for people around the world.

Bitt (coming soon)
Cryptopia (coming soon)

What do you guys think?

I don’t know any of these.
But i search for it and - well Bitt exchange to BTC or “barbados dollars” theirs crypto coin.
Cryptopia - to BTC, Teter (scam), NZDT (don’t know), LTC and DOGE.
No fiat trading so no big deal for me at least.

It is always good if there is a competition, but these are small exchanges.

BTW “Barbados dollars” made my day : )

Anything is possible I hope it gets put on Kraken and Coinbase sooner than later.

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I just want to clarify, USDT (aka Tether) and NZDT are fiat tokens that are peg 1:1 to US Dollars and New Zealand Dollars respectively. USDT is administered by BitFinex’s sister company Tether, and NZDT is administered by Cryptopia.

Both are used to separate the handling of Fiat currencies and Crypto currencies on exchanges, both are IOUs.