When will ADA be available on more exchanges?

I would like to know when ADA is available on more exchanges, comparing to other similar coins ADA has only 8 markets right now and others have a lot more. More exchanges (markets) where trading ada is available will increase the price right?


Yes, there is always an increase in price after new exchange listings in general. According to the official site and providing it is updated, only 4 exchanges have listed ADA so far. So it’s not unreasonable to say there is a lot of room for potential trading volume, and normally a price increase.

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So why isn’t ADA being added to more exchanges?

You’d need to ask the exchanges.

Not sure, my guess is that it doesn’t make much sense to list ADA on multiple exchanges while it’s still centralised and running on a few nodes.
I might be completely wrong, but I think we’re going to see more ADA listings when Shelley starts, so when PoS is officially released, it will probably be smoother.


CH has mentioned a few times that they are still improving performance in collaboration with the current ones and when the work is done they will be able to roll out to more exhanges faster than if they had initiated at multiple to begin with.

And Shelley starts in Q3? Anytime between July and September 2018? Thanks.

Does anyone know of an exchange where you can lend ADA? Similar to Poloniex or an equivalent with many other coins (besides ADA).


Almost all coins are listed in Binance, but no cryto to fiat exchange.

Yea, Binance has a massive amount of coins.

Unfortunately I don’t think they have any margin trading or lending options. I’d really like to HODL my ADA so was just seeing if I could make a return on it in the mean time while waiting. I know once staking goes live it’s another way to earn 9% (or something) within the first 1-2 years based on 2% of ADA holders staking. If it’s even less than 2% of people staking their ADA that % number increases. Used that calculator that people have linked to in the past (LINK). Think the site is under maintenance at the moment.

Guess I’ll just have to wait!

  1. You should not care what percent of hodlers stake their coins. This does not give you the number of coins staked - that is the number you should be interested in.

  2. Top 100 addresses in Cardano are in possession of around 33% of all coins. I think it is safe to assume that a 100 people would be less than 2% of all hodlers - but yet they hold a third of all supply.

  3. I think you were meaning if 2% of all coins are used in staking. I think it is EXTREMELY irrational to assume that only 2% of a resource able to generate free income would be used to do so.

Please, look out for a proper up-to-date calculator announces on this forum, cuz there might be some (you never know).




I think over 80% of ADA will be staked without any doubt, and my estimate of return on staking per year is 2 - 3%.

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Yes, I meant total coins… not just people holding the coins. I think the calculator that was previously available on that link said they assumed 2% of all coins which is why I used that number. I agree with you, I believe it will be more but you never know. Sometimes day traders like to have the flexibility and liquidity to not stake. Still a lot to be released on staking by IOHK.

I’d be very interested to see a new calculator whenever it’s released.

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This post makes a valid point :slight_smile:



Cardano currently only has 31 exchange listings globally, for a top 10 coin this is very low!

The new V1 wallet API is now available as part of 1.2 update for cryptocurrency exchanges and other parties. This could encourage more exchange listings, which would ultimately increase liquidity and adoption!


I just saw this today, darn good point!!!

Given acess to V1 Wallet API, how long do you think it can take an exchange to add ADA to list it?

I am looking at you, COINBASE!

Coinbase seems busy with their corporate/institutional investment platform and support for ERC20s. I doubt that Cardano listing will happen soon there…

I hope crypto exchanges pick it up quick, after all it is more income for them from trading fees.