ADA a security

Do you think ADA will be listed a security by the US SEC? Since it was distributed through an ICO in Japan. Just trying to figure out a possible scenario to diversify my portfolio.

I have not heard of Cardano being subjected to the SEC because of their ICO. if you can provide more information, that would be great.

I doubt it would be classified as security, but even if it does, there is no other, better prepared coin than Cardano.

It ticks all the boxes for SEC to clear it for trading. It didn’t have an ICO but was distributed through private placement, which makes KYC/AML a lot easier.

Plus, the Cardano Foundation is well equipped to handle the registration process if required.

I expect the space to be flushed out of shitcoins and scams very soon and those who will remain will be unbelievably big.