When will Cardano do marketing?

It would be nice after investing in this project since last year to see “some kinda marketing”!? If Charles could at least do something? He said he was a great marketer and yet we’ve not seen the first thing. Even just an outline of where they started, what they’ve done, hurdles they have overcome, how many people are working on it and what markets have they done what in etc… the only people who know any of these things are the followers. After losing 90% of investments I would like to see “something” to be done for US? Don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter big time and believer in the project, but marketing IS crucial and IS NOT happening. Ok, fire away at me supporters.


i think you make a good point about the marketing. It’s important to note that it was the cardano foundations job to help promote Cardano.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with after they restructure the board.


Agree totally, I just wish there were some additional tootin’ of their own horns! :slight_smile: This Kaleidoscope is one example that if they take the time to really push it could all by itself make a difference, but they have done so much more…

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100% agree with you :clap::clap::clap::clap: I hope they do something to fix usd and market cap issue. I am really worried​:disappointed:

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No worries IMO, just get greedier as the price falls buying as much as you can afford and you will reap GREAT rewards within the next year!

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I agree. Also, I’m wondering how much input does the Cardano community have in it’s marketing? For example, I have written a rough draft of a television commercial that I would like to present.

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There is nothing to market at this point.
Once Shelly is live on the mainnet, then some light marketing could be done.
But the major push should wait for Goguen and it’s smart contracts.


Emurgo is hiring marketing people now. So is IOHK I believe. Timing is good as 2019 is going to be a big year for team Cardano.


Dude what do you mean? Like you can literally go and watch any of Charles’s AMAs which all get thousands of views. What would you LIKE TO SEE from a marketing standpoint?!? If you think that they are lacking in something then why don’t you suggest it? Or hell go to charles/IOHK/EMURGO and lay out your plan to market for them and tell them why you can add lots of value to the project and then they will pay you to do it if they believe that it is as valuable as you tell them it is.


Do you have a link to those positions? I’ve done a cursory search but couldn’t find any postings.

Charles talked a bit about marketing on The Cardano Effect, Episode 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd6FjTz5zOg&t=822s

In my opinion simple infographics would be nice, but right now, heavy marketing toward average people doesn’t make sense. Cardano is magic volatile Internet money No. n+1 at the current state of the mainnet. If someone asks “What can I do with it?”, then “Lend a small amount of money to Ethiopian coffee farmers” is a much more exciting answer than “Send magic tokens”.




That’s exactly what I was thinking.

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In the commercial I have written, there is an African coffee farmer receiving a peer-to-peer real time payment at the market where he just dropped off some of the harvest. : )

Sounds interesting. But there were plausible arguments in the last AMA against TV commercials in general.

Maybe the idea can be transformed into other ways of marketing.

The overall marketing premise of associating Cardano with trust is what’s most important.


and this.

And the marketing should mainly be towards getting developers interested in building on the platform. I’ve noticed that developers are very open towards new technology, but become quite “sticky” once they have learned a specific platform and tools.


I agree it doesn’t make sense for IO / EM to do this type (TV commercials) of marketing right now

However, there is nothing wrong with community members participating in creating some marketing, in fact, it would help to analyse what works well and how the community perceives a vid like that, when the time for aggressive marketing has arrived IO/EM/CF would have learned something from the feedback, especially when some of these ideas are executed well.

Normally marketing research like this costs money. We have a vibrant community that wants to help, and imo we should embrace that.

Bitcoin did not become big thanks to a big marketing budget, they became big because the community was relentless in marketing the concept to a more diverse audience, the reddit brigades to the not very well crafted website banners and memes all contributed to the size of the ecosystem we are in right now. The momentum is created by the community, after which a big marketing budget is used to keep it growing in strength and influence.

Remember, Charles himself started out teaching a class on bitcoin, for free, and engaged with nearly everyone of his students.

Making people aware of and teaching people about a product with the goal to acquire new users and expand the influence of a concept is the definition of marketing.

Just my 2 LL


My assumption is that Emurgo wants to hire a marketing manager for this exact reason, and yeah, this is exactly what their priority should be right now.

I expect to see more initiatives like Plutusfest and an increased marketing effort around these events to attract developers.

Community marketing around these events would help increase the reach while official marketing paid for by emurgo would solidify that core group of devs and convince those on the fence to hop on the spaceship.


How true! There is nothing to market at this time. So let’s build some confidence with what is user-facing today. Start with a wallet that works, every time, with each release - preferably before Shelly and/or Goguen are rolled out.