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This was posted on Twitter. Cant say I am all on board, but this has a ring of familiarity…kind words or not.

A Twitter comment that took 2 seconds to find.

“So a summit full of regurgitated information… no update on release of Shelley (that was due) and no new roadmap (which was also due) and all criticism being deleted from their Reddit’s. Nice.”

Stop being master of all things. This is what kept me from engaging after meeting Sebastien in Seattle meetup. Being really good at Cardano project doesnt translate to being able to upsell and generate pr worthy of your project. Hire professionals


I think they are working on getting the marketing together. Honestly to my mind the much more important part is the science and engineering. I still feel strongly they are doing amazing work.


Im with you Donny. They come off as having that too. That doesnt look as good as it can.

If I read another comment on the slow release if butterflys. Its not the event, it is the execution.


BTW here is a thread from Reddit that had some good stuff. Particularly the top rated post:


Emurgo already has marketing and PR teams, their managers can be seen on the team page under Operations. IOHK has a Product Marketing Manager.


I wish emurgo had a booth and were more friendly, Sebastian was cool but the other dude was ignoring people lol

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Roadmap has said for a long time that it would be updated sometime after the conference.


There is absolutely nothing new about this accusation. It is not a coincidence.

Further, my gut instinct is raising red flags. Wrong, maybe but a community would explain whats true in what I am pointing out, not say otherwise. This is becoming too commonly experienced.



The article basically has 2 points . 1st is when Shelly. The 2nd is people on Reddit are being censored for asking when Shelly. I’m on Reddit a lot. If I’m not mistaken the original poster of the thread that was mentioned was the one who deleted the thread. I know this because he started a new thread where he said he deleted it because it was to contentious. To call these types of articles journalism is highly questionable BTW. Regarding the when Shelly question it’s all there on GitHub for people to judge. I’m not on the inside or anything. Just a community member like most but in my opinion everyone got their hopes up real high after this last pump. Getting the formal spec finished for Shelley is a big deal. This means anyone can take the spec and write an implementation. All I can say is personally I am not panicked far from it. Would I like to see $1.00 Ada tomorrow? You bet but I’m prepared to wait awhile while the science and engineering team do their thing. With all that said every individual needs to judge for themselves and I don’t fault anyone for asking questions and being critical. This assumes the criticism is constructive of course.

FYI here is a link to the Reddit thread in question:



People will leave.

They built an illusion saying Shelley = Decentralized, Staking and Delegation.

Now they claim Shelley is here, but it’s an era not a version.

It’s like Apple updates a new IOS on iphone X and saying, this is Iphone 11, and other updates will come in the next few years.

It’s like when Model 3 pre-order owners asked for deliveries, the TESLA claimed our blueprints are done, our parts are assembled, and our prototype is there, everything is ready, but you guys just do not know how to build an electric car right?

Also, whoever asks question about Shelley and roadmap become fudsters, or simply don’t understand how comp sci project works.

If I have to get a Com Sci PH.D degree in order to understand how the whole process work and invest Cardano, it’s either that don’t take funds from public or get a better investor relation department.

When Android updates from Jellybean, Kit Kat to Lolipop. Things changed.

We are all adults here. If we have to read a paragraph and analyze every single word by finding what’s the exact time for a new roadmap update, that’s simply pathetic.

A delay is a delay. A missing is missing.

If every scheduled date on the timeline is only an estimate, and it just keeps missing. Why bother to give an estimate? In Oct 2017 it was 2018 Q1, in 2018 Q1 it’s Q2, in Q2 it’s Q3-Q4, in Q3 it’s 2019 Q1, now in Q2 it’s the end of this year. Honestly, who gonna trust whatever’s claimed anymore.

Censoring the negative and criticism posts? That’s more ridicules. If that’s how community management is done, there’s a serious problem with this company’s business culture.


Actually, there’s no conclusion.

Whoever wants to stay can stay, whoever wants to leave can leave. Why bother to hold and complain at the same time?

I’m out, peace :slight_smile:


I’m sad to see you go Mihori! I hope fortune smiles on you wherever you travel!


Don’t blame you,your posts were good

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Sorry to see you go. I think they had some EOS brochures at the conference. Look under the short leg of a table after everyone clears out, and you’ll probably find one folded over a couple times. Maybe give that a go. Also, be sure to check out Tron. You can run Solidity contracts there already with 2000+ tps. Justin Sun might even let you enter a competition to win a lambo if you tweet his name and pledge.

Myself, I am still chewing through Garay et al. 2018 The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol, and waiting for the team to feel confident Shelley is ready for the ball… and for C++ to get the K framework treatment. That will really be something. See you when you get back.


Out too. Sold and done. I wish them well.


I m very saddened that you leave, anyways i believe you´re right, absolutely legitimate what you are saying and like you many people would do the same …

For me, a long time ago i made myself in peace with my investment in ADA, if i lose it all, hey its life … I still have some confidence in some integrants of the team and i will stick here for a long time, if just to satisfy my curiosity would be worth it!


Sad to see you leave Upward we need rational voices like yours.


Mihori thank you for all your work during the Parson incident. I will not forget.


Shelley was never meant to be a version. Was Byron a version or an era? Seems to me most or all of those FUDing don’t actually pay much attention, just react emotionally.


Your point is 100% correct and yes once again community management is raising it’s ugly head.

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There sure seems to be a lot of negative speculation and people complaining about no communication, yet Charles posted a couple of days ago that he would be doing an AMA today. He knows he is going to be facing a tough crowd yet he is willing to put himself out there and face the music. I think some people are going to have a lot of regrets in the near future. Its far from perfect but I still believe in the project and their vision. All the best!