I am interested in building on the Cardano platform

I would like to speak to someone to help facilitate it. I am working on a B2B project, and think Cardano would be the perfect fit

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Great @RonBorden! Maybe @io_jeremy can help you out?


I don’t know all the details of your project, but Emurgo would be the best people to talk to.

@RonBorden Do you have a roadmap? IMO, to create smart contracts with Cardano appear to be one of the best choices as this projects evolves.

btw, I think most of the key personal are funded until 2020.

Josh, sorry for the delay, I’ve been on planes the last four days. Yes, we do have a roadmap, an aggressive rollout plan, and a team with a combined 260 years of experience solving the issue we hope to disrupt. I would like the opportunity to discuss what we are planning. We have been in contact with Microsoft about the Coco project. We would want to make a platform decision soon, and I seriously like what I see from team Cardano.

Hi Ron/all…yeah if Emurgo or anyone would ever hold a course for people building projects with Cardano, i and some of my time would like to attend it…or if there is anyone avl to tutor some of us on a paid gig, plz contact me via github.

Hi @RonBorden, majority of my experience has been on the long paved road that Microsoft has laid out for developers since the mid 2000’s and I appreciate Microsoft technologies. Since I recently became interested in blockchain technologies, I really like the pivot move Charles H. has taken since leaving Ethereum. He has learned from experience on how to develop a solid blockchain technology and created a precise agenda/roadmap to take in order to make his mission a success (along with his team). He also appears as a great leader, which a company within the blockchain world really needs in order to succeed. Divided team members on other projects has created blockchain hard forks, which raise a red flag in my reality (Spaghetti code).

The ICO world has created a lot of messy noise. I look through the noise at business models, team members, and the technology being used to the extent that I can with my resources.

I’ve been monitoring EVM in K (named IELE) and other Cardano projects that have been delegated with contracts to teams across the world (and the IOHK team). A good foundation, the bedrock of a 3rd generation blockchain technology, is needed since this technology is not going away.

Roman emperor Augustus motto, “make haste slowly.” could be applied to Cardano’s road map and long-term consequences for the blockchain world.

Bill Taylor, CEO of Mercedes Benz, told me on how the Alabama manufacturing plant became such a success under his leadership, “Small steps. No quantum leaps. If small steps are taken, then it is easier to take one step back and reevaluate on any mistake that has occurred along the way and continue to progress forward. With a quantum leap, when a mistake happens then everyone is looking around asking what happened…why did we fail?” (I paraphrased his words.)

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