Cardano roadmap update

Here is the offical update for the month:

What is up with the 1% update on Plutus Core and Marlowe? Noticed it last month also. Is Wadler just goofing on us?


I am a bit disappointed with the organization of the roadmap. I mean, why clog it with the stuff that doesn’t belong there?

Oh you opened an office in NYC? Nice! Good for you, BUT that wasn’t part of the roadmap before AND it seems you are just adding things just to beef up the section and to show some activity. Partnerships and office openings don’t really belong in the roadmap. Make a separate section for that stuff.

Focus on substance. Deliver on the initial product commitments, because to this day all I see is a bunch of papers.

I am a huge fan of the project but we need serious action on items that are critical on our way to mass adoption.

Hire business/finance/developer talent who can execute the vision you have.

We have enough papers. Adding another flavor of Ouroboros isn’t a surviving business strategy.