Roadmap suggestion

Looking for a coin to diversify into I was quite impressed with Cardano and especially the Roadmap, since none of my other coins have such an easy visual representation. However I wondered how much the roadmap changed from the last update and could not find a copy of the previous month’s roadmap. Hence I could not see the actual monthly progress. If I missed it – please provide a link. I thought I would be forced to take a screen grab each month before the update and compare thereafter.
Simply adding the date a bar has been updated would lend even more more credibility to the roadmap – especially for newcomers looking to invest like me.



Sebastien does a great job going over the weekly tech updates and monthly roadmap updates. Here you can find the roadmaps going back to February.


He takes this upon himself and is just a great member of the Cardano community.

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Thanx DNk - Yes watched his last one - helps a lot with insight. Must say I’m quite impressed with how positive, helpful and mature this community is. Always a great sign for the future. I think I’ll hang around for a couple of years :slight_smile:

Edit - Just had quite the opposite experience in another thread. Sorry - Moving on.

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Is Sebastien in charge of the update as well? Any way I can PM him?

He is not in charge of the updates, he makes the video breakdowns of the weekly technical reports for the community, big fan of his work btw. His username is @SebastienGllmt, if you want to pm him :wink:.

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I would actually enjoy this as well.
The way I did this for the February update is that I had a tab opened from before the roadmap got updated and used that to measure the difference. For the march update I bootstrapped and used my own video to see what the progress was back in February.
You can also use Wayback machine with mixed results.


I totally agree. Its difficult to follow the progress and changes

Thanx Bullish… Sebastien - “tab” - yes that is an easy way - just have to remember to open one before the update. Any idea who one would have to approach to suggest the change?

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@jonmoss and @tom.kelly is probably your best bet, anybody with a cf_ in their username is a foundation member and could presumably help.

I agree on the progress bars, it would be an improvement to see what happened on previous updates.

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Hi @SatosAwar Satos :slight_smile: Thanks very much for the feedback I’m going to pass this on to IOHK now… thanks again!


Pleasure :grin:

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Hey guys!

I did a suggestion the other day on reddit and would like to share this post here aswell if you don’t mind. (As in hitchhiking the thread)

The key features are:

  • Timer on top.
  • Horizontal & Vertical scrolling.
  • “Stacks”: To-Dos to the left, completed Tasks to the right.

Here is a cropped Shelley overview.

A detailed view (for those who don’t like to zoom in!)

Here’s Byron.

If you would like to read a little more about this, I wrote a blogpost:

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:


I like - especially the sorting on % completed

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Its a great! ideea :kissing_heart:

p.s. there is thiss paper wallet “issue” it’s at 10% in PROGRESS but Charles Hoskinson announced on twitter it will be in the next update from April… Shouldn’t it be more than 10%?

this days people use the phone to read up news… i would love to see a simulation for a vertical screen to see how will this look on mobile