Proposal to IOHK and Emurgo: Better structure for announcing weekly and monthly progress updates

First off, incredible work these past months. I am very much enjoying the transparency and professionalism from both teams. This post is not meant as critique, I just wanted to share my two cents on the subject and my thoughts on how to improve it.

Why I feel the current system is not working

I’m having a very hard time tracking what and when things get updated. The weekly technical updates, are in my opinion, too frequent. They are also very, very hard to read. Yes, technical updates might not be meant as light reading, but even as a developer, I have a hard time understanding what is going on. This usually leads to me skipping them or looking for someone in the comment section to give me the gist.

The monthly roadmaps updates. I very much like the site and to see how far everything is progressing, but I feel these should be summarized in an article. In the one we just had, I had no idea what had changed. I couldn’t remember if progress for X was 15% or 25% before. Especially if there are no major updates to major milestones (Shelley goes from 75% to 95%), I feel a lot of people might think "huh, so nothing really happened this month? " even though that is not the case.

Emurgo and partnerships. I don’t really “see” any updates from here. Like, I don’t really know where to look. I follow the members on LinkedIn, and occasionally see some updates, but I would love Emurgo to to preferably have a joint progress update with IOHK with partnerships, dApps and the business side of Cardano.

My huble points on possible improvements

I would really like one blogpost/article either monthly or bi-weekly from Cardano, that can be shared across the communities like Reddit and the Cardano forum. I would prefer to have it on Medium, but it doesn’t matter as long as it is a blogsite that represents Cardano as a whole. I would like to have all parties contributing to this blog, both the Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Emurgo.

I understand that the Cardano ecosystem is huge, and it’s very hard to coordinate between all parties. But I feel it would help immensely if I had one official progress update to look forward to every few weeks that covers both development and business progress. This is also a great way to give the community something to talk about and share acress subreddits and social media.

Thank you for reading.

Just as an example, and I’m not shilling coin here just format, I’m a big fan of how REQ currently handles progress updates. It’s gotten to a point where I usually check their blog when I wake up on Saturdays.


I actually pretty much enjoy the weekly technical report, although I do not understand 100% of it, same as you.

What I really like about your post is the recommendation to find out a better way of displaying the progress on the roadmap. I actually had to screenshot the old roadmap and compare it with the new one to find out what happened.

A possibility would be: show the % progress as it is now, but show color change on the bars.
Let’s say: Shelley was 50%, which is showed as a grey bar with the percentage. Now, after the update Shelley is at 70% let’s say, and these 20% are showed in green.

I think this would be a nice addition to the roadmap.

Nevertheless, thanks for all the hard work, team. :heart:


Absolutely, and I’m not saying the developer updates should stop, just that they don’t apply to the majority of the community (or at least, myself). Your idea of color coding the updates is absolutely fantastic, and necessary. These are small changes that add a lot of value for the community. I feel it’s hard to find the source of summarized information with Cardano. The most valuable information I fint about Cardano is either in the comment section or here in the forum.

Yes, I completely agree here with you. Having a little bit more “untehnical written report” and a little bit more clear monthly updates would be awesome.

Altough there is no single doubt that ADA people are working really hard.

Thanks tomasroaldsnes for great suggestion.

Totally understand your suggestions and we always welcome feedback so that’s appreciated.

One thing you could do is to register for the Cardano Foundation newsletter. These are pushed out once every 2 weeks and we use these to compile updates from those past 2 weeks (whether it be highlights up updates, or about our research initiatives or any new social channels). If you are interested in this, you can do so here: (scroll to the bottom). :smiley:

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