Suggestions from Telegram group

Reposting some suggestions from the Cardano Official telegram group here for further dissemination and discussion.

AMA’s are good and shouldn’t go away - having them at a specific date and time would be much appreciated as opposed to the 5 minute heads up from Charles on Twitter. If there’s a way to moderate them (CrowdCast?) that would be even more better.

IOHK has a Marketing/Comms team - formal press release of progress, release dates, features, roadmap, etc - let them do this and publish in unison and with consistency across media platforms.

May not be practical, but wanted to capture the idea here of having verified ADA holders only admitted to the AMA. Kind of like a shareholders meeting. Just thinking out loud that it might minimize some of the noise.

We all want to see this project succeed and I appreciate the ability to have a voice and hopefully have it heard.


Thanks Ron, and welcome to the forum as well. I think we can use some improvements as to how often and where dynamic updates to Cardano progress is posted since the Roadmap is now a relatively static document (which is OK I guess). Glad you got the thread started here. Tagging @Katsumoto @Andy_Hendrikx @maki.mukai @benohanlon and @IOHK_Laurie personnel is also an option if you would like to see an official response, but they are also on this forum quite often and seem to check regularly, along with Emurgo staff members.

Welcome to the forum @RonLaFlamme :ok_hand:

Hi @RonLaFlamme, welcome!

Everything you said makes perfect sense. But Charles his schedule is sometimes to busy that it’s hard to have them at a specific date and time.

Let me discuss this internally and see if there’s something we can do.

Thanks Andy. I appreciate the follow up.