Charles video on new projects and interoperability


Delays on Shelley, purportedly lots of work for Cardano, and Hoskinson LLC, an entity with one employee based on what I am aware of, can have that one employee work on Polymesh and possibly other projects (who knows, hopefully all with approval of principals) , while the same one employee will work full time on Cardano. Guess it’s eight hours and call it the day then turn to Polymesh? Is that the way this works? Are we seeing the introduction of a Cardano Larimer?

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I see it much differently.


Of coarse you see it differently! You have been here awhile, you believe in the project, you believe in CH and you have educated yourself. It seems like we are being inundated with people that just want to bad mouth everything related to IOHK and Cardano. Its a shame but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


I suppose, here’s yet another ‘shameful’ opinion. You’ve reached out and helped others, and yet you sometimes appear threatened by others thoughts and concerns. I think it’s very important to remember that scrutiny doesn’t threaten good, on the contrary, good is made stronger. As so it goes for Cardano, it is weakened by the limitation or lack of scrutiny.

Hi. As I have stated before, everyone is entitled to an opinion and not everyone has to agree. The problem that I have is when people who have obviously not done their research come here and make claims that have no real foundation. There are a handful of people here who seem to just want to stir the pot and provoke other members. That to me has no real merit. On the other hand, when someone has a dissenting opinion and voices their opinion in a non confrontational manner, then for me that is very welcome. We should all be able to disagree in an agreeable manner. No project is perfect and as speculators and not investors we are very early to the game. Like everyone else I would love to make money but I refuse to get caught up in the daily charts. I have heard Charles talk about price and looking at the big picture and I for one am happy with his decision making process. Best of luck to all of us here. Cheers!


In principle you’ve said nothing disagreeable to me.

However, I don’t do investor vs speculator as it invariably devolves to a mindless religious argument. To point; investors fund Cardano, Charles has a fiduciary responsibility to Cardano investors. I am quite displeased and concerned with some of Charles’ choices. Checks and balances must be maintained.

There we go…disagreeing and not arguing. Cheers

Say I buy a bunch of ADA from you. Either directly or via a third party. How does that impact Cardano dev?


He wants everyone to drink the kool-aid. No scrutiny, no questions, no dissent.