New Ethiopian Crypto

This whole Ethiopian project is dragging Cardano down. In the beginning I thought the project was based on Cardano but then I heard it’s a whole new separate crypto!

What the f is wrong with Hoskinson? Why focus on side shows when Cardano has still to achieve anything in the real world?

I am holding a lot of ADA but they are now CLEARLY losing the race against other active cryptos like EOS, yeah even shitcoins like TRON.

Hurrah, we are scientific! Hurrah, we are doing something good for Africa (nevermind it’s not even Cardano at all). FFW 5 years…oh wait the real world has already moved on and adopted other coins?

Cardano is the Betamax of the 70s. You have a better product, but VHS had the marketing and business deals. Bye bye


I copied this statement from the moderator of the Cardano Reddit. I hope this help.

⁠Atala is an enterprise blockchain framework that provides a set of building blocks enabling governments, corporations and other entities to rapidly build products for millions of end users.
⁠The technology is complementary to Cardano as it enables new use cases that are not ideal on a public blockchain (for example, many governments and corporations are not comfortable putting sensitive customer data on public blockchains). The Atala framework offers much greater flexibility, control and ease of development.
Atala will act as a bridge connecting millions of users to the Cardano ecosystem where they will be able to consume products and services. Having one interoperable system will blur the lines between permissioned and open solutions enabling users to seamlessly move value between the two.
⁠Both solutions are critical in delivering our vision to provide financial services to the 3 billion people that are unbanked.
⁠Products based on Atala will be funded by governments, NGOs and investors.


Bye bye!!!

Maybe Charles is unaware that the Cardano project is being done just to increase the value of your ADA. I am sure someone in this forum can get a message to him.

They might also be able to let him know that the additional people he has employed in the company he owns (IOHK) should be repurposed into working just on Cardano. If his company wants to look for other business opportunities then he should wait until everyone’s ADA is worth $10.

Some people, huh :wink:


Thanks for that reply @Gabby and for giving context!

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Thanks for the haughty reply. It’s not the value of my ADA but the success of the whole project Mr know it all. But yes, the value and the success of the project are inter-related. Duh!

Check out this video I think it answers some of your questions:


Thanks @Donnybaseball! Very helpful

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Thanks for keeping it light. Hopefully the video from Charles will help alleviate any concerns.

I’ve worked in software for some time now and I think given the complexity of what they are building they are actually going pretty fast. He hit the nail on the head really, that companies that don’t have the level of community interest/scrutiny in their progress usually behind closed doors have many many delays.

As I always said to my mother, I am prepared to admit there are some things I don’t know :laughing:

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Maybe its wise to do some valid research before bashing this project and the process in general. Hopefully you got some more info in this forum to calm yourself. If not, say hello to EOS and Tron from me :wink:

Hot tip: Follow Charles, Cardano Foundation, Emurgo and others on twitter and youtube for more rapid updates!


Another poster who confuses clear criticism for debate with not being ‘calm’. Dear boy, I have done plenty of research thanks, so rather than being arrogant about your beliefs it’s better to be less aggressive and just tackle what people state with arguments. Being sarcastic is not the way to help this forward, nor is blind belief in cardano.

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Geez, what an asinine comment! Sell your coins and leave Cardano please, you are here for all the wrong reasons. You obviously have no clue about crypto, the world and economics, or maybe you just spoke before you thought? :wink:

?? No, not correct… this is a new industry and only time will tell what does what, as of right now no one has a clue, some think they do, but it is quite obvious in the way the market does things for absolutely no reason at times that is not the case. Sit tight and realize Cardano, and others, is a future gain but not a get rich quick scheme. There are a scant few that will “moon” as they say bit those days are almost assuredly over for now.

Your criticism was not “clear”, clear criticism gives factual data, and you had none… “Why focus on side shows when Cardano has still to achieve anything in the real world?”, are you kidding me!? Wow, this is enough to dismiss your entire thread completely. “they are now CLEARLY losing the race against other active cryptos like EOS, yeah even shitcoins like TRON.”
You obviously do not know how to quantify these statements, explains some github activity in 2018, ranking top and still is double what Ethereum is… Scientifically Peer Reviewed Papers are a substantial achievement and they have a number of them, Charles has been in contact directly with Countries, other coins and exchanges extensively and understands you do not “just make a coin” and think you did something beneficial, it takes usefulness to “make it useful”. “Hurrah, we are scientific! Hurrah, we are doing something good for Africa (nevermind it’s not even Cardano at all).” Really? So you don’t even watch his videos and know he has fully explained this? Hmm… “FFW 5 years…oh wait the real world has already moved on and adopted other coins?” You don’t understand what is going on today, don’t worry about tomorrow.

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one doesn’t on-board nations and companies by force selling them a token. that’s something for casinos and scams.

hard to take this post genuinely, if you truly think Atala and Cardano are competitive, rather than complimentary.

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I am no mathematician, not a coder, not an alchemist just a simple guy who also invested ADA in the past. Many times I watched with pleasure Charles’ videos and I also had the impression that all his activities abroad were for the benefit of Cardano and Ada and unless someone is of the opinion that only coder or similarly skilledd people should invest in crypto, dumb asses like I should be allowed to be surprised with the Ethiopian outcome.

In the video posted above a Charles refers to the millions that have no clue about crypto. Between those millions and the tech-savvy people is a whole group of ‘enthusiast’ with less knowledge. These people invest and help push a price and deserve to be treated decently even when they (me included) post ‘not so smart questions’.

Maybe a smarter guy here is willing to explain in laymen’s words if and or how Atala favors Cardano (ADA) over other crypto solutions. Thanks in advance.

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Another arrogant abusive believer. Nice. Great crowd.

Oh wait, everything is great. ADA just broke support at 0.068. next up 0.05, nothing to see here guys…don’t worry it’s all in hand…

Hi, MadMatt.

I’m not sure if I’m smarter than you but I would be happy to attempt to explain how Atala favors Cardano over other cryto solutions. Atala is a enterprise level blockchain solution. In other words a blockchain specifically made for large corporations or state level entities (governments). These types of customers do not want a public blockchain solution like Cardano or Etherium, because they want to control who gets access to it. For instance if they are putting peoples identity on it or business related information like inventory etc they don’t want the whole world to have access to it. They also probably want to control all the nodes so people can’t 51% attack the chain etc. I’m sure there are other reasons as well. So there are some very large customers for blockchain applications that will not be using Cardano because it is public. Because of this IOHK has made Atala which is a private blockchain that is specifically made for these types of people to use. There are other blockchains that compete in this enterprise space like Hyperledger for instance. So the thought is since these groups will not be using Cardano anyway lets have them use something that plays well with Cardano so they can have access to it through a side chain. To use Ethiopia as an example they build out a payment and identity system on Atala. In the process IOHK gets to be very good friends with all the government officials, IT people who work for the government, etc. Once it’s done they go “hey by the way all these people who now have identities and payment history on the Atala blockchain they can now get access to loans, international payments, and whatever dapps are available on the Cardano network because the 2 systems can talk to each other”. “Oh and by the way all you nice developers who are making dapps you can now have access to a couple of million of new customers in Ethiopia, Mongolia, and where ever else Atala gets deployed”. Also IOHK will be training the best and brightest developers and locals how to program in Haskell and Plutus in all these places and telling them how great it is to program dapps in Plutius. Guess what blockchain they are going to want to use after they learn that?

Anyway those are a few reasons let me know if you have more questions.

Hi, Sometimes people get cranky on the interwebs, I hope you can look past it. Regarding Ada price all the alts are getting roughed up at the moment. Looks like a buying opportunity to me! I pay pretty close attention to development of this project vs the others and all things considered I still think Cardano is in a good position to be the best 3rd Gen Crypto and still finish ahead of the pack. Only time will tell if it happens though. I think someone else pointed out that we are in the top 10 without decentralization and working smart contracts. Clearly “the market” has some respect for what is going on here.