Charles Hoskinson Explains Cardano Foundation News & Development Updates video interview


Way to go Guardians! @bercinho


Duncan in the beast mode hahaha! :smiley::joy:


Yeah I Loled at that too. But hearing the guy you know he is a damn wizzard (he kind of looks like one too sorry Duncan I could not resist hehe)


Have to say I always feel much better after hearing him talk. Nice shout out to the Guardians also.


Wow! Thank you for sharing RobJF.

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How could it not impact Cardano, minute 5:50?
How could it not have large and significant repercussions?

People researching Cardano will find a divided leadership, a third of all ADA reserved to grow the ecosystem and encourage adoption and all that stuff made unavailable from what I can gather, not owning the rights to the trademarks and symbols and all that jazz, and maybe other things I’m not considering right now – how is that nothing?

If I were Charles I would stop telling people that things remaining like this, with the Cardano ecosystem having leading entities in open conflict, is actually a possibility. Instead I would say that things would be made right, and would believe that too, and make everyone believe it. Hell it should be a core goal right now.

I mean, yes a car will run just fine with no wind shield – but that’s a shit car and people don’t want to buy it then.

I absolutely love Charles but this attitude… I am confounded by it.

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It’s a tiny, tiny fraction of that, and IOHK and Emurgo have already started taking over CF’s responsibilities. Yes there will be a short term effect on price but over the longer term it will be a blip, nothing more.


I am optimistic (it’s my nature, nothing to do with the details of the situation), but price wasn’t even my direct worry, rather the possibility of this whole drama affecting some major decision at a forking point (not in the crypto sense!) in the future. For instance adoption from some important entity, things like that. Some golden strategic door remaining closed because of some aura of uncertainty radiating from this – until now – crisp project.

The taint of it is what annoyed me, which would come with the situation remaining like this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this having happened means we’re doomed or anything.

However I do think not being able to jettison Parsons and seemingly put our house in order could hurt Cardano. Cheers

Well that’s certainly true, all the more reason to get behind the Guardians…