I'm going to interview Charles. Questions?

Hi All,

I run the “Let’s Talk Cardano Podcast”. I’m currently negotiating with IOHK to see when we can talk. It’s kinda hard because of the time zones. Any burning questions? Definitely not going to ask him for price predictions by the way.


Ask him if he believes in a higher power and how he perceives God. It’s not a cynical question - he’s been posting about proofs of God based off Godel’s ontological proof.

Congrats on the initiative!
I am now thinking of some questions we can ask him. When I find any original, I’ll sure post it here.

Personal question: Why are you so giraffy dude?

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Does the lightning network can save the current congestion both BTC and ETH are suffering? Can this technology benefit Cardano?


What does he think about Stellar Consensus Protocol ? Was it an option ?

How can Cardano help the third world when the distribution of money follow usual rules ? ( the much money you have, the much the ADA you buy ? )

  1. will a world economy on Cardano get rid off inflation?
    and if yes will the people be less keen to invest their money bringing to a slow down in progress?

  2. does he fear banks plotting against him?

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How long do you see until crypto currency is used in everyday life and how do you imagine it will affect people’s lives aside from just the banking aspect

During elections, what will happen to your stake if you voted for the losing side?

When participating in proof of stake/minting, can you open the same wallet from a different geographic location/internet connection to decrease the likelyhood of network problems affecting your turn to sign the slot?

Can an entity/individual/group that holds a large number of Ada propose changes that is in conflict with the original vision for Cardano? What are the checks in-place to prevent bad actors with huge amount of money from hijacking elections that will compromise the progress of Cardano towards its goals as a true crypto currency?


I’d be interested to know what the focus will be for first ‘daily use cases’. Specifically, do they want to focus on business use cases such as the pilot program for verifying degrees and more of a platform type emphasis for people to build similar dapps, or emphasize merchant/online use cases as an online currency? And if merchant/online case, will they be able to allow direct fiat interchange in the future (i.e. simply converting USD or JPY to Ada and back without an exchange).

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+1 I am also interested in Charles’ vision for daily use cases of Cardano. Where does he see Cardano being used?

Would the ATM be available primarily in Japan or are there any plans to introduce in USA as well?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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At which part of the roadmap will the debit card integration be available? It would be a huge boost to the number of use cases for Cardano and gradual integration with existing infrastructures.

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How much – in his opinion – will the success of cardano depend on shere brain power? I mean the quality of the work of the people behind it (developers, scientists?)

For sure, brain power will not be the only factor. There might be other competitors, their might be unforeseeable circumstances in society or economy what so ever. How does he weigh these factors with respect to the “brain power”-factor ?

So, to ask the same question in yet another way: Will it be enough, just to try to be brilliant? (There are many examples in tech history, where not the best has been the winner, but one of the mediocre !!)


Great great question Lyrx1 - It’s never just sheer brain power. You could have a brilliant team, a product that meets needs and solves pain points, and everything turns to s**t anyway. I have personal experience working at a place just like that - well funded, great product, still is, they just never made any money and the CEO ran it into the ground.

What is the place that Cardano will occupy on the crypto world on the next year? Whats his opinion on that

I know I believe in God. Sometimes we fight, but the thing is he always wins…


It pleases me greatly to see you say that , Ghost.

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How are external factors (FIAT value vs Ada) considered in transaction fee constants? Given Ada’s rise in value vs the USD, how will Ouroboros keep the transaction fees low for microtransactions?

Please correct my assumptions if they are wrong: 1) The only feedbacks Ouroboros have are within its network (number of transactions, total throughput, etc.). 2) Ouroboros does not look at exchange rates vs FIAT.

My concern is the rise in Ada’s value vs FIAT will cause the transaction fee to be skewed that even with system adjustments to a and b constants of the transaction fee (mentioned in the whitepaper), the fees will still disproportionately increase overtime.


All exchanges for buying ADA are shutdown to new users. What is management doing to speed up the process of registering new users . We are missing out on great deals as th eprice just keeps going up.

How will Ouroboros/Daedalus prevent DDoS attacks when you register as a staking pool? If you are a known staking pool, it is easier for you to become a target since you are identified.