If you could ask Mr. Charles Hoskinson any 3 questions

What would they be?

Here are mine (quite pedestrian, but what the hell, maybe I’m a pedestrian guy) :

  1. What do you see as the biggest challenges for the successful implementation of PoS?

  2. What Dapp use cases you find have the most potential?/Are closest to a working business implementation?

  3. How do you see your role in the Cardano Project?

And here is the preemptive Parody version :smiley: :

  1. When moon?

  2. How u play with Capibarra without controller?

  3. How to buy bitcoin without computer or money?

Question of sufficient awesomeness may make it all the way to the dude, so the stakes HAVE NEVER BEEN HIGHER :stuck_out_tongue:


What governments or institutions do you anticipate being interested in adopting the Cardano platform?

Do you think a mobile wallet is the biggest requirement for mass adoption?

Do you think getting listed on Coinbase is possible in the next year?

  1. Do you think that someone would use ADA to buy food with this high deflationary character?
  2. What options do you see for long-term relative price stability?
  3. Is it possible to determine how many percent of the transactions are only used for the trade on exchanges?

Mr Hoskinson . . . My 3 Questions . . .

  1. Without naming Confindential Information, has any Global Companies kicked the tires, inquiring about Cardano?

  2. How can Cardano owners coordinate with Marketing to help grow on the grass roots level?

  3. How can we take down the Global Derrivatives Market for the Future of Humanity??

  1. What is your Quest?
  2. What is your favoite color?
  3. What is the air wing speed velocity of an unladen swallow? (African or European)

Charles is a Monte Python fan.


Mr. Charles,

  1. Do you ride a motorcycle?
  2. If yes, what do you ride?
  3. If no, what make and model would you be most likely to learn on?

:grin: :grin: :grin: