Surprise AMA from Charles (18th Oct '18)


Previously CF people have posted summaries of CH’s (and other) videos but I don’t think we can expect that at the moment.

It would be terrific if some community-minded person with a bit of time could do that and post it here.

I’m sorry I can’t do it myself. :disappointed:

Thanks for posting, misteraxyz!!

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0:00 Cardano Foundation
8:00 Lightning network, decentralisation
14:00 Why did you wait for the guardians to take action?
18:40 Interacting with foreign governments
24:50 Greetings
25:35 Why do you allow Parsons to get away with ada?
26:40 Dynamic transaction fee system
29:20 Hyperledger
32:00 Assets in Cardano
35:00 What happens to the ada of the foundation?
35:45 when putting property deeds on the blockchain how can one confirm that no one is counterfeiting the deed?
44:30 when debit card / credit card?
44:60 offline transactions
49:30 possibilities for currencies build on top of Cardano
52:00 will Cardano make the staking process understandable to normal people?
57:50 is there any reason Cardano is more suited to the K framework than other protocols?
1:03:50 universal dapps store
1:06:00 has EOS a competitive advantage because they raise 4 billion USD?
1:10:00 possible regular monthly analytics and report statistics
1:11:00 thoughts on Dfinity (a blockchain based cloud computing project)
1:12:30 complex event processing technology
1:20:00 when Joe Rogan podcast?
1:23:40 what happens after Cardano 1.4?
1:28:30 are you still convinced ada market cap will reach a trillion?
1:30:00 does Jeremy Wood run undercover operations of Cardano?
1:31:48 IOHK work with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)?
1:34:10 any plans to visit India?
1:34:20 has IOHK given any time of research into implementing a stable coin?
1:35:10 would it possible to attach EOS to the Cardano blockchain once it is 100% complete?
1:36:00 any plans to visit Australia?
1:36:50 will Tone Vays still see Cardano as scam after Shelley?
1:37:24 will IOHK stay after 2020
1:40:00 why no Ledger Nano S (yet)?
1:42:00 sirin labs, finned phone


Thanks a lot @adatainment! :grinning:

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I really like to see how CH’s vision is growing as he is exposed to new concepts and technology.

Cardano is a truly immense project. If we could draw a Venn diagram, it would be the biggest circle that would fit everything else inside it.

Judging from his response, I don’t think Charles see’s the value of offline transactions in regards to the security that having an offline air-gapped wallet offers. Does Yoroi offer offline key generation? I would be much happier waiting for Ledger support if we had a wallet that made it possible to create a private key offline.

I think you are mixing things up. It was about “offline transactions”. A hardware wallet or air gapped hardware does “offline signing”. (then the transaction goes online)

Rodger that. Anyone know if Yoroi supports offline signing and key generation?

thanks @adatainment, i would not forget charles’ criticism of the hostile post “guardians” actions.

i mean it is quite a key point as he opens with it and does take quite a stern stance on it.

especially now in light of their twitter account being suspended.

Could you please provide the timestamp when Charles mentioned that the Guardians are hostile?

Thank you in advance.



I wish CH don’t see what you saying man.

watch the AMA, then re-read what i wrote.

how’s what i said fud? and why do you wish CH doesn’t see what i said?

Sure, maybe I should ask you back the same question. Stop spreading fake news plz.

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I’ve watched the whole AMA. Are you saying that the Guardians are the ones that are being hostile?

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Let me paraphrase it: The statement above is intentionally misleading. As in CH does not criticize the GoC. It’s false, it’s incorrect, it’s (for lack of a better word) delusional.

Don’t know what your end game is here but you can’t expect people to take you seriously.

A good reputation takes a lifetime to build but only 5 minutes to lose it all.