Surprise AMA 12/06/2021

00:00 Intro NHRA, DAPPs, ongoing Cardano growth metrics, Vasil St. Dabov, crypto environment current and future.
24:27 Did Daniel Friedman leave IOHK to join other s*** project?
25:20 The industry is immature yet.
26:12 What do you think of biometric proof of identity for Cardano?
27:31 I heard Hydra was a top commercial priority. Any tentative date to be deployed on mainnet Q1-2 or still planned for Q4 2022?
29:03 Hey Charles, I’ve heard your arguments why PoW will gravitate more centralized. Why will PoS not also do so with how much wealth disparity there is today?
32:24 Charles, how is Cardano being worked on to be resistant to quantum attacks?
34:25 Is IOG working with other DEXes?
35:33 What do you think of the current depopulation program?
35:56 What tools do we need to enhance collaboration?
38:45 Did Trump or Biden give us inflation?
38:51 Continuing with collaboration question. Discusses human behaviour, problems of social media, ‘truth’, social trauma, The Economist article on inflation.
56:16 Thoughts on Scooper being extra software running alongside standard Node?
57:11 Stop asking dumb and irrelevant questions, What does inflation have to do with this AMA?
59:03 Charles, what do you think of professional athletes dropping on the field from heart issues? How about the Australian Covid camp program? Or the myocarditis program? safe and effective.
1:06:14 Charles should have stayed in bed today.
1:06:27 Charles, have you heard of the Metaverse project Pavia being built on Cardano? Does Zuck stand a chance?
1:07:16 Thank you Charlie. I’m from Australia and it’s absolute madness. With ada I’m not stressed about price I want change and you are the creator and you believe and so do I.
1:07:54 Are you a Denver Nuggets fan? What do you think of what has happened to their season with player injuries … ETC?
1:08:26 The amount of covid talk on here is an absolute turn off… please wake me up when you actually talk about changing the future with Cardano.
1:11:32 Can you give an update on IELE please & any other information on how Cardano will integrate more with mainstream programming languages in the future?
1:13:48 Charles, any updates on DJED stable coin? I wanted to build a DApp but it involves stable coin. Because I want to have impact on non-crypto people as well.
1:14:10 How’s Marlowe dev going?
1:14:31 Charles, your beard looks nappy AF.
1:14:57 ARE YOU F** SERIOUS?
1:15:13 Some sources state that although Omicron is highly mutated, it’s not as deadly as most other variants, and, since it is the most transmissible yet, it will become dominant and kill off Delta. Bullish.
1:16:18 What do you think Charles about Youtube taking away the dislike button counter from public eyes?
1:19:10 Hey Charles, will there by another Plutus Pioneer’s Program starting soon?
1:19:30 34 I thought he was 43
1:19:50 Do you believe the Dyson Sphere is what we need to be an intergalactic species?
1:22:13 Hey Charles what are your thoughts on 3n+1??
1:25:11 Can you discuss Securities Regulation for a moment?
1:40:00 Any thoughts on Jeff Hawkins ‘A Thousands Brains Theory’
1:40:16 Do you ever feel negative emotions such as anger, fear or shame? If so, how do you deal with them?
1:50:22 Charles money give you freedom.
1:55:32 What’s up with Miami jury ruling in favor of Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi inventor of bitcoin?
1:56:10 SCAM
1:56:40 Your MECHWARRIOR 2 SOUNDTRACK tweet was well appreciated today. You have great taste Charles!
1:57:20 Favourite problem in math??
2:01:02 Hey Charles, why the eUTXO model is so misunderstood by people?
2:01:51 Charles what are your thoughts on the double-slit experiment?
2:02:32 How is your video game coming?
2:03:05 Have you been to Australia?
2:03:13 Wendy’s MacDonald’s, or Burger King??? Choose wisely.
2:04:36 I am a grad student in a cognitive neuroscience program. What do you think the most interesting area of neuroscience research is? Loved Richard Haier’s book on intelligence that you’re reading.
2:11:50 man Charles makes things up.
2:11:55 Can you talk about Daedalus? It’s impossible to use because it does not fully sync and keeps having connection issues.
2:15:42 If you’re not a fraud, what’s your favorite quote from The Godfather?
2:16:08 Is your farm in Colorado?
2:16:31 Hi Charles, Any recommendations for an old veteran programmer to jump into dApp development? – uWyo alumn from the 80’s.
2:18:00 Charles do you consider yourself a polymath?
2:18:25 I wish University of Illinois taught Haskell instead of OCaml.
2:19:00 Do you know who Satashi Nakamoto is? A simple yes or no will satisfy me.
2:19:10 Thaughts on Richard Breedlove?
2:19:18 Why is haskell so hard? And do you think that will effect dApp production in the future??
2:19:46 Do you still keep in touch with formers from Etherium?
2:20:05 Who is batman?
2:20:14 Charles, If you had to do it over again, would you choose a different language to build Cardano in? If so, what would that language be? If not, what would the #2 language be to Haskell?
2:33:41 Charles, any plans to move IOHK out of Hong Kong *
2:34:47 Would you do a podcast with Alex Chepurnoy? Two great minds blessing us with a conversation.
2:35:17 Beard game is strong Charlie
2:35:37 Does Rogan think you’re too smart? Is he afraid of you?
2:36:03 What’s your favorite firearm?
2:36:08 Have a great night… Tell the family Hi from your old farrier…
2:36:24 Your thought on Alec Baldwin?
2:37:21 Holy crap, You are still streaming.
2:37:51 Charles why do you I keep hearing from people that you are the next Steve Jobs???
2:38:01 Left or right handed?
2:38:27 You sound like Steve Jobs.

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