Surprise AMA 02/21/2022

Surprise AMA 02/21/2022

0 - 20:00 Random Rant, Market Sentiment, Politics, etc

20:20 It’s a rough market for us new investors Charles.

20:45 It is getting difficult as time goes on. There are so many human right violations and the battle seems insurmountable.

21:15 worthless talks from a guy who likes to speak like a guru, and pretending he is trying to be just a simple guy.

21:54 I saw you at a stop light one day in Boulder lol

22:11 please burn coin

22:26 What’s your take on the potential war Charles

27:00 CAN I PLEASE WORK ON YOUR MUSHROOM FARM? I am experienced in agriculture and from Colorado

27:32 Charles when can we have a network that is uncongested? everything is very slow

28:50 I had asked this question on an non-AMA Vid. How does Atala Prism bring value to Cardano? are there on chain metrics from the use of Atala Prism that can be identified on the Cardano Blockchain?

33:49 Charles, kindly update us on the status of the paper wallet.

34:29 Charles , what are your thoughts on blockchain domains ???

34:46 Charles do you like tacos

34:57 Charles, latest thoughts on Ergo?

35:06 Charles and Amber should hang out

35:27 when will it be EVM compatable? Cardano seems to be really missing out on cross-chain dApps

35:52 what were your thoughts about the eth conference you attended and did you converse with formers?

47:12 Charles what happened with the wallet that was announced in the summit ???

47:27 Charles do you think we are in the Great Reset?

47:52 what are your though on pernis


48:54 Charles, can you address the new FUD that Hydra is only theoretical and not possible from some Github comment?

51:09 @Charles Hoskinson , can we get another programming language to use other than Haskell to build on Cardano?

51:23 Did Colorado’s Governor got back you ?

52:07 Hey Charles, what’s up with Mikey Alfred and his hate towards Cardano on Twitter???

54:50 Charles, how do you feel about the SEC’s flip-flop on their position on the Hinman ‘opinion speech’?

58:22 Do you believe crypto winter is better for good projects? Like vitalik said?

59:56 Can we apply the minotaur paper to Cardano? Or is just research?

1:00:43 Hi Charles, Big fan? What do you think happens to Cardano if for some unforunate circumstances you are not there anymore?

1:01:13 Charles Hoskinson I’m new to ADA and I am really glad I’m on the right side. Thank you for what youre doing in crypto

1:01:28 election was a fraud

1:08:02 Since you mentioned you don’t know about PERNIS, what are your thoughts on WERNIS?

1:08:34 Thoughts on Ben Foertzel’s hypercrcle and the Singularity?

1:09:05 Charles. What do you conceal carry?

1:09:27 What’s your fav maths theorem?

1:09:41 I love Cardano, but Algorand is better technology

1:10:37 do you communicate with lex Fridman much after the podcast?

1:11:03 Charles do you have many like-minded close friends? it doesn’t seem like there are many like you around

1:11:25 If you could have a super power what would it be?

1:11:33 If you were need roofing services, Horn Brothers Roofing local out of Denver CO.

1:11:46 Charles, your thoughts on using Rapamychin in your new health clinic as a regular treatment in the fight against anti-aging

1:24:39 Theranos?


1:32:41 Hi Charles-I’m a grad student in CogNeuro and working on resaerch project w/ Christo Papadimitriou, testing out his theory of cognitive function.He’s a CS legend it appears, any thoughts on his work?

1:34:11 I browse the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit and the amount of hate you and Cardano get is unreal. Do you know why that is?

1:34:35 Charles are you up to your 10th booster yet for your vaxx slave pass?

1:38:27 Markes zero sense to get any dangerous “vaccines”.

1:44:37 watch out you will lose good boy credits for wrong speak

1:44:55 You need to do more research about world economic forum, obviously ou don’t see how this is a plan

1:58:26 i don’t know hwo needs to hear this but siding with WEF is not good look for Charles, just sayin…

2:01:20 Charles is having a lot of fun today!

2:01:39 Get on Rogan please…

2:01:52 When will you be burning ada?

2:02:24 be as mad as you ant but you’re the one saying you eatpizza with elites, not me…

2:12:51 Hellow from the Dolomites, Charles! Thank you for everything you do

2:13:14 Hey Charles! I am a student journalist still in university. What’s something I could do to improve the way journalists communiate with the public through blockchain verifications?

2:19:43 Politicians should use that bonding model to verify their bs.

2:21:32 Hey Charles! We share the same birthday. How’s 34 treating you?

2:22:14 u have plenty of money why no employ more people for faster development of cardano

2:24:09 charles looks like a dev

2:24:35 Charles! What does your shirt say?!

2:25:06 can you dumb down sidechains?

2:32:53 Charles: when are you going to let me come down to Boulder County and photograph you?

2:33:40 Charles, is there a single aspect of ethereum that is better than cardano, in your opinion?