A crypto investor reviews the cardano project

thoroughly enjoyed this video, definitely worth a watch for all ADA holders imho

  • “Peer Reviewed” is considered a weakness. - How is having a provably secure system a weakness?
  • “Cardano is run by nerds disconnected from reality” - On what basis is he stating this?
  • “POS not fair” - Sure, lets just waste electricity with POW
  • “Large Coins Supply” - This is completely irrelevant. Coin Supply does not matter at all.
  • “No specific UseCases” - What are they working on in Africa then?

Just of few of his points that are completely BS in my opinion. This is not worth watching at all!

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he does rationalise or support those statements and even explain how cardano is dealing with the criticisms, others are quite obvious (academics for eg) maybe you should re-watch it again and try to understand the perspective rather than react with emotion, the analysis is fair and quite good imho, do i agree with it all, well of course not but that is not the point

plenty of value in a well researched and fair critical perspective

Yet another YouTube dude spitting his thoughts on a crypto currency. Couldn’t care less.

I agree. Most of his statements lacked the correct viewpoint, (and was - I feel - completely wrong or pointless on other points ). I agreed with less than 1/2 of what he said.

I don’t think he really understands as a whole this project.