Ethereum Developer made an excellent YouTube video about Cardano

I think this video is fantastic. This young man gives a great presentation. Enjoy!


This was good thanks!

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Nice video.

Cautiously optimistic in developer language translates into โ€œI canโ€™t wait to jump ship!โ€


Excellent video indeed. Itโ€™s a pity he stressed about 10 times that you lock your ada for staking, which is wrong.


Yes, Forrest did make an error, and also I think as he explores further he will improve his accuracy. His video creation skills are great as the video transitions and timing work well. I can learn a lot from his video editing techniques.

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Thanks for sharing, a good video.

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Good video! This project is progressing well :cardano:

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@rickymac I wonder if you would consider reaching out to him for a new kind of interview for thecardanoeffect after he releases his review on his project with Plutus? Perhaps it could be part of an initiative to find developers who are willing to share their experience of Cardano coming from other platforms.


That is a great idea! Thank you @rjmcoin