Charles "deadlines and delays" 3/23/2020


Thanks for the post. This video is in response to a Reddit thread and the number of haters is amazing. FUD is very much alive!!

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Well that was savage :slight_smile: But I totally get where he’s coming from.

We live in interesting times.

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, whine.

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These clowns feed on Charle’s aggravation. I figure if he could restrain himself and maintain an appropriate lordly silence, the idiots would would shrink and die. Instead, our community should insult them on his behalf and in that spirit I call them out as brainless f***wits with no sense of time.

Charles, I appreciate your continued willingness to confront FUD head-on as it bubbles up on reddit. I love the Cardano methodical approach and have been a hodler almost since the beginning. What I believed then and still believe now is that Cardano has the best chance of making the technology of crypto resilient enough to actually tussle with fiat and not just be an esoteric toy for computer scientist and programmers. I digress, because I know I am preaching to the choir here.
Even though I’ve been around forever, I have not taken notes, so if you would forgive me, I’ve got some questions for the record on the timeline Charles describes:

  1. If not rust or haskell, what language was the Seroquel(don’t know if spelling is right) codebase written in?
  2. At the pivot in fall 2018, Was development haulted on the Byron Seroquel codebase? Or was it just limited to free up resources for rust and haskell replacements.
  3. The Byron reboot is the release of the haskell refactor of the Cardano Node, Wallet-Backend(Adrestia?), and Daedalus. Charles mentions that we are no longer adding features, just resolving bugs. So can this statement be interpreted to mean that the reboot will at least have feature parity with the cardano roadmap description of Byron and maybe more? Is this the final surgery to remove the Seroquel codebase?

Keep up the good work team! Don’t let the FUDers get you down, they are likely just really scared of the current world economy, which is not your making or responsibility.