Why the Roadmap needs to be updated now

Cardano has been getting some good press lately. So there may be new investors, new app developers, new journalists, new financial institutions or other governments new to crypto that might research Cardano. The website is their first impression. Now there will be new people that will not know who Charles Hoskinson is or know about his AMA’s. They (and many on this forum) do not check the pull requests on GitHub or even know how GitHub works - to see that the project is actively being developed. So, when new people see the Roadmap and it says “Back Soon” - it gives the impression that work has stopped on the project or it has been abandon altogether. This is BAD.

Why not instead say - "The project is in the Shelly phase development and is actively being developed by top developers, mathematicians, cryptographers, and academia. As the project advances to the next phase Gougen, the roadmap is updated accordingly. Check the forum, telegraph, twitter and YouTube channels for all the latest news. "

A paragraph like this is far more accurate, leaves a positive impression and the expectation that the roadmap will be changed in the future. Plus, it helps fight against the trolls and fud mongers.


I agree with your opinion.


Anybody can help to pass this to the Cardano website admin? I know how important it is. Imagine you’re new to Crypto and you’re try to choose which the best Crypto you want to buy. You’ll dig the white paper and definitely the roadmap. That’s why it’s so important.

Great suggestion @Montna_Jim

Communication is very important for projects like this, especially when there are various different types of stakeholders.

Agreed, this is not something to be proud of:


Thanks for the suggestion @Montna_Jim and for reaching out to the team!
Broken link for help center is being fixed and the note has been forwarded to the roadmap team :smiley:



Could you also change the Window Title from “Coming Soon” to “Roadmap” ?


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It’s been 20 days since the first reminder from this community. I really have hope in this project. But, cannot wait too long as this project need more qualified human resources. Rather only AMA every week.

It’s not my opinion but many people out there are calling Ada as a shitcoin andCardano product team is not doing well to show they are wrong. Perception is reality and Cardano team hasn’t even publish a simple roadmap within 2 months. This is so alarming, even for me as a big bag holder, let alone people out there fear mongering this team is not capable of creating a working product.


I hope this will not turn into “another missed deadline”.


I hope they have a roadmap, cannot think otherwise makes sense.

so true !! im starting to be scared… wtf is wrong with this project? hope i havent got deceived by great promises and dreams of hoskinson&co.

Scared because there is no road-map web page ? So they will make one and than what ?

No it’s because they say that they are going to…bla bla bla and suddenly (again) …nothing. No updates, no comment, no nothing

Let’s be honest, Charles H. andThe Cardano Team, as well as the IOHK Team, are prob. the best in crypto space but… the marketing is terrible and so is the follow up. Pay more attention to the community is my advice. Am a big bag holder and would like to have more accurate info

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There is no official info right now, sorry, but usually reliable sources are suggesting the new roadmap is nearing completion and will be published very soon. That will give much, much better info on progress than we’ve seen so far.

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Call me crazy but I care much more about having the team devote resources to actually getting Shelly done rather than a road map to make people feel comfortable.


I wish they would have said that and not this vague statement.

" The Cardano project is moving into the Shelley era of development, with top developers, mathematicians, cryptographers, and academia collaborating on the project.

Accordingly, we are working on a major update to the roadmap website to be released in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check the IOHK blog, Cardano forum, Telegram channels, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest news.

Back soon."

Actually David Esser on his Cardano Effect podcast and Charles in some of his AMAs have said much more specific things about the roadmap. Also there was a blog post by David though I must admit I didn’t get around to reading it myself. I agree communications could be much better but that is currently being addressed.

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Roadmap coming out tomorrow
I’m going on the cardano Effect on Friday with David