Cardano Roadmap

  1. I one spot it says Shelly will be completed about midyear 2020.

  2. When clicking on Shelly it shows it will be completed in 2019.


The whole website is getting a complete re brand, it is very outdated.

Are you currently following progress? Shelley is very close to mainnet now.

That’s just what I’m confused. I know they’re going to redo the map roadmap but right now it’s conflicting.

I just heard Charles say it’s sounds to me like it’s going to be extremely soon.

Get the website is so far behind it shows it was done in 2019

These were estimates and predictions back way then… If you watch Charles whiteboard videos they were hoping for earlier. However it takes years to conduct scientific research, figure out how to do something, write papers and get them peer reviewed. Then start working on code. They also had to start again at one point.

However, after all these long roads and mountains to climb, the clouds are clearing :blush:

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