Blog post on Roadmap is up


Thanks Donny, I already read. It will takes 2 weeks to create new roadmap website up. And “soon” the Shelley Testnet ready. My question is simple. How to define “soon” ? 2 hours? 2 weeks? 2 years? 2 light years? Lol… Any idea?

I wish I had a concrete answer for you on the test net. My guess would be June, but just a guess.

Thanks Donny, I really appreciate your educated guess. Hopefully you’re right :slight_smile:


NIce, keep it up!

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Not so long to wait now, exciting… :smile:

[…] the new roadmap site will provide a clear definition of delivery phases, how they fit together, and what we’ll deliver when.


:de: Translation: Cardano 2020: Umsetzung der Visionen :DE:

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Charles said in an AMA that: “it will be soon not like ‘soon 6 months’, but earlier”. It was 1 month ago I think. So I would guess testnet in June. Mainnet in August. Plutus/Marlowe in December. Just my guess

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It’s not how long Shelley’s taking is the problem for me but how there’s not much concretely new to talk about while we wait for Shelley. Having an updated roadmap is like watching your food being made, you have an idea how long and what needs to be done first before it’s ready to be served.
Just a guess but by how the Goguen is progressing well, the time from Shelley to Goguen will be much quicker than from now to Shelley mainnet. Not betting my shoes on it, though.

I agree with you !!! I hope everything goes fine to this project!

2 light years is a distance, not time.
4,063E-8 do you have that distance? :slight_smile:


18,921,460,000,000 km (approx) :grin:

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absolutely right. but this is about two light years. numbers 4,063E-8 about another. Indo understands. if she really understands something and not does not always use other people’s thoughts.

I think everyone knows that light year is a measure of distance, not time – or they do by now! Most if not all of the mentions of it here have been quite jokey.

probably many know it, but not all. Now the driver of the red Ferrari also knows. she likes to learn from other people’s messages.

Dude, I’m a dude too. LOL. And I’m not driving Red Ferrari, but I hope so. Soon… When ADA moon.

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There’s sooooo much creepy people posting nonsense in this forum…

Kinda scary… :rofl: