Future of the Cardano Roadmap


The Cardano roadmap is changing. We will be launching an exciting new roadmap which showcases the Cardano 2020 vision after the IOHK Summit, which will be taking place on April 17-18. CEO Charles Hoskinson will outline this vision in his keynote speech and the roadmap will be relaunched with a renewed focus on this milestone. For the time being, we will be removing the timer on the roadmap page as well as publishing intermittent updates about important software releases.


Cardano.org needs some updating
Cardano Community Newsletter - February 15, 2019
Cardano.org needs some updating
Cardanoコミュニティニュースレター - 2019年2月15日
Road Map Release
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Thank you very much, I welcome this decision. Many expect always big announcements when updating a roadmap although it should only show which tasks are currently being worked on. The old roadmap often has too high expectations here in the community or for new members in the Cardano world.


hope its not a prelude to pushing Shelley out to 20/20


how sad :frowning: this was the best roadmap in all crypto. so detailed, you could really see what is worked on and what will come true in the future. also very transparent - by looking at the updates you could get a realistic estimate about delivery times (usually longer than expected but that’s okay). i really cannot imagine a better kind of roadmap system.


I think Charles has tweeted an announcement that there will be big announcement at IOHK summit at April. He surely did not meant that announcement would be Shelley delay :wink:

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hope so , would be great as it coincides with Bakkt and new bull run starting in may

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Can’t wait to see the new roadmap. It definitely needed to be reorganized.


That’s quite some time. Can’t wait to know how exactly it will be changing.


Very unlikely, Shelley is basically done.

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Still needs 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7. At this rate, I will be surprised to see Shelley roll out with the April conference. I hope it does, but my best bet is end of April or early May. This accounts for a 5 week QA cycle for each, 1.5 being released prior to March, and one update rolling in right after the next.


When will we be able to put ada on nano wallet?


Soon… Sebastian stated that they (Emurgo) are in the final stages of getting the UI done
Expecting a release date to be announced any time now.

From 30:11 in this video:


Cardano roadmap is one of its strongest feature, and a great way of maintaining devoted community. It is also by far the most informative compared to almost all the cryptos. Do not make drawbacks.

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This post of @lodl_de is referred in the article abow. Very nice!

When writing in this this forum, it is always good to remember that especially this year media will be increasingly interested of the posts of community members on this forum.


Can you please talk where are your future planning to do list more exchange of your cryptocurrency?

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It seems that the CARDANO’s Main net will be very long to be completed and the project I care about behind CARDANO is whether TRAXIA will be on schedule. I spent a lot of money to own TRAXIA TOKEN and I look forward to soon launching main net of CARDANO.


Summit is over. Any update on this?