Future of the Cardano Roadmap


what does the summit have to do with it?


They used the summit as a timeline stamp in their update. Noting that it would be released “after the Cardano announcement at the summit”

I am curious to see the roadmap too. Many people in the community we’re expecting this as a given.

So at this point, I think we are all ok waiting but would at least like to hear when we will be able to review it, considering.


Can we get the roadmap updated quickly now the Summit is over. There seemed to be some messaging that was pushing Staking back to the end of the year in the keynote. Clarity would be helpful with a roadmap with dates on releases!!


There are still some updates nessesary to enable stacking.
see: IOHK message (link)

We are at 1.5 now. So it will take some time for stacking to be working for us.


they said it would be released after the summit so it could be days or weeks , hopefully days


After price dump

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It has some logic! To diversify ADA owners achieving even more stable ecosystem… I m very pragmatic, I m not saying is the case but it has its probability

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can’t see staking being released in days when it hasn’t even been implemented yet, let alone deployed on the testnet… and you suspect in days staking will be live… where do people get this information

staking will be here end of 2019, live before 2020 best case



The new roadmap is here !!
Undoubtedly it is in the process of being finalized
Charles’ AMA will give us information


That’s been like that for a while.


To play the devil’s advocate, they did say Shelley would go live Q1. Now the earliest for it to be live is by the end of the year?


Give people time, given that 20-21 April weekend. They people they, too, have family and they need recreation. The time will come and there will be a map,as well as Shelly. All good!


Has anyone seen this? It came out just a few hours ago…




I try not to focus too much on the ‘price predictors’


Smart. I thought it was getting specific on the Shelley roadmap :sweat_smile: Charles is doing something on that soon, right?


One of the interesting aspects to consider is the type of venture that Cardano is. A Darpa style project…meaning attempting to build something that has never been done before, that will be revolutionary if completed. And so the team bites off more than they can chew, and then chews like crazy, publishing academically all the way. They have many very bright people, and caring people, who are working to build …not a new gadget that can be sold into the market, but a new style of economy that re-invents the way people can interact economically. I feel the summit was not so much a platform for announcements (What… Atala and Adisabba coin not big enough announcements for you? - ed.), but really an opportunity for the IOHK staff to get together and celebrate what has been achieved so far, and meet in person (maybe even for the first time). Some staff couldn’t even get a US visa and missed out (quick, send them a Tangem card - ed.).

The roadmap, Shelley, Goguen etc will be here soon enough. It is more about asking questions such as, is the spec right? Does the code meet the spec? Does it test to the spec? Does the spec need an update? Not many other companies or organisations ever do this type of thing. Usually, it is a rush to market to stop the competition getting there first, and then what ever they sold just ends up in the garbage bin 2 weeks after it is purchased, ready for the next round of pointless consumerism (strangely, there will probably be a rush of pointless consumerism on Goguen, when someone ports Cryptokitties to a platform that can actually run it).

100+ million Ethiopians side stepping the 20th century and going towards a new economic model is more than a roadmap for rich westerners to wonder when their tokens will moon. Capitalists need deadlines, but this project needs proofs of reliability. Proofs don’t easily work to deadlines like trash consumerism does. I am as excited as the next guy to see Shelley mint its first decentralised block, and I am getting Twitter twitches waiting for the announcement, but I know I should just keep busy with my day to day, keep my tokens safe, and plan what I might do with Marlowe. Soon enough we’ll be delegating to a pool and wondering how anyone ever did such an amazing thing such as Cardano. Then we’ll all be like: When is the voting? Where is the BTC lightning side-chain already? Soon enough.


Where is our road map? Is it peer reviewed?


They were talking about voting at the summit, its being worked on as we speak. Bingsheng Zheng is doing great work and presented very robustly about the capabilities of liquid democracy as well as statement voting.

The Roadmap was a sort of a tease, but honestly it might have been a test to see who actually pays attention based on the fact of what bitbox mentioned of having proof of reliability and just knowing how to look in the right place i.e. twitter. when the project is mentioned, although kinda annoying…

One thing i found odd during the summit is the regurgitated information that has been presented all over their youtube channel and website. I found the plutus contracts aspect to be a runover of the gaming contract which i have created a video here

doing just that… I wish their was a more upfront haskell tutorial stream to show how to take a impure function output and turn it into a pure function input or how to seed and generate a random number in plutus.tx

but at least we will have a Plutus book soon.

The people were amazing hands down. I love the energy that a world system brings. It was like walking around in a virtual world at certain points! I can’t wait till this thing gains the momentum it deserves.

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Nothing new there!


I’ve seen this, but when it was released we were told it would be release end Q2. In the keynote it appeared it was slipped in between we have written 40 papers and the mongolian guy who holds bitcoin story :slight_smile: that staking would now be end of 2019.

I would like to see roadmap to in the hope i have misread this and we will be staking in Q2.

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