needs some updating

    1.1 The Daedalus Wallet sub-section -> Just call it WALLET and add as an alternative and remove the sentence “To use Ada you must download Daedalus.” on
    1.2 Buy & Sell Ada -> needs updating e.g. KRAKEN … see @IOHK_Laurie ->

  2. RESOURCES / Development
    Responsibility Without Power? The Governance Of Mutual Distributed Ledgers (aka Blockchain) »](
    The Missing Links In The Chains? Mutual Distributed Ledger (aka blockchain) Standards »
    -> missing links

To be continued…Will edit later…


The site is undergoing a major redesign, I believe, I’m afraid you’re wasting your time.


All right, thx. 5 minutes wasted :slight_smile:


@RobJF source citation?


1.a. Future of the Cardano Roadmap




Personal communication.


Yes there are plans for updating the website!

But do appreciate your suggestions @ada_deus! Will look into making your quick fix changes :smiley:


while i appreciate your effort @rjmcoin, citations need to be specific by actually referencing the idea in question as a point of proof, proving - verifiably - what has been claimed. this contribution does neither.

where has this been communicated @maki.mukai ?

is this separate from the second redesign that has already occurred? or is this some continuation of that?


@misteraxyz, perhaps you can share an example of what you mean, and what in your view would count as an appropriate reply to your request? This may help me understand what you are looking for in the future and if I’m able to help at all.

Perhaps I’m simply not understanding what you are asking for. It seems you want to know when someone officially representing the project has communicated with the community, plans to update the website. If that is the case then I believe the following link is probably considered the official communication of this issue in question, but I could be wrong.

Is there some other form of documentation you are looking for or perhaps a different community communication channel you perceive as more authoritative than the official Cardano forum and from someone more authoritative than IOHK_Laurie perhaps?

Beyond what has been provided, I may not understand the need for a source citation, of an announcement, of an update, to a roadmap update website.

After all that, if I’ve simply misunderstood intended humor of your request, then you got me! :slight_smile:


well, a response that would resolve the query would be one that provides clarity and accountability.

as it is, there are way too many websites (a case i’ve already argued against with no response yet) and worse yet it is unclear who is responsible for them - especially the one in question -

because according to @maki.mukai all three organisations are responsible for and run ( we’re not gonna even get into the questionable nature of this decision and the amount of bureaucracy, delays / bottlenecks and trust erosion that are resulting from it )

in the beginning the forum was being admined by cardano foundation employees. which naturally would lead one to make the assumption that cardano foundation was the one responsible for

so when a while back through yet more unclear ways, it came to light that the cardano foundation website was being redesigned - it’d lend credence to the following assumptions/questions, did that include did the work commence? is it over?

the Community does not know because it has not been communicated let alone communicated clearly. iohk roadmap items are not cardano foundation roadmap items. i’m all for the benefit of the doubt thinking but when it’s to the detriment of the standard of quality i draw the line. i’ve made videos highlighting the shortcomings of the roadmap, and in doing so highlighted the dismal amount of entries of tasks attributed to cardano foundation. if I recall correctly it was one task which I don’t even think was to do with redesigning the website.

it appears that yet again it’s through these hush-hush conversations that are only privy to - for some reason - to some selected few within the community. that happened before (see my profile history of threads created and post responses for references/evidence - usually I would provide them all in great detail but sadly this is becoming less and less worth my time and effort ), and is continue to happen now as @RobJF just illustrated.

so coming back to the thread and its purpose. it’s a community member who has taken the time to find something that they can be able to do better. a contribution that they can make to improving the experience and knowledge for the entire community - but can they make that contribution? no. they instead have to go through this whole process of posting the idea in hopes that it will somehow get picked up and implemented… with the best response being, oh I heard from some guy that something is happening … :man_facepalming:


To be fair, I think the best response was Maki’s, not mine.


Perhaps the reply to all of the questions and concerns you have shared through all of your posts are being addressed in the redesign of the update website. Maybe for lack of better communication channels, time sensitivity and voluntary transparency of effort that IOHK_Laurie reached out to the community announcing they are working on changing / improving things, perhaps even along the lines of how you feel they should be.

Have you considered applying for employment with any of these organizations?


sure, perhaps. but i’m not holding my breath on that anymore though.

i’ve already made the case against employment (mercenary v missionary).