Road Map Release

Anyone hace a clue when the “new roadmap” will be released? It was supposed to always be “April” yet nothing is posted and no ballpark dates.

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Hi Shawn,

The website itself has been slightly updated in recent days, but in terms of expectation, it was always planned to get updated ‘after’ the Summit, according to @IOHK_Laurie’s forum post here: Future of the Cardano Roadmap
Hope this helps.


Thank you. That’s what I expected. I was hoping an approximate date for the 2020 plan would be released.

As Charles mentioned in his last AMA, their are working and finishing a greater roadmap, adding new things and thinking up to year 2025.
Big chances to be released together with the testnets since, as mentioned by Charles, it will be easier for new roadmap to be explaned with testnets already running.


Shawn P Adamo, CPA/PFS, CGMA, QFP

Who knows but in Cardano’s case no news is not good news for ADA investors. I think 2020 late we will see ADA go up more

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The minders are watching Shawn