Ada Cardano roadmap

I am having difficulty finding the Cardano roadmap.

The last was great. Now I can’t seem to find one. Hmmm. I know it’s my bad.

This must be current since it had a “status” posted on it less than a week ago…

I have seen that. I am disappointed as I thought it would have actual dates as it did just before decentralization.

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The specific updates come at the monthly update at the end of each month. This is when you’re likely to get specific dates… once they are ready to give them

Thanks . Do they do that every month?

I wonder why they don’t simply leave it up as we can always see if they are on track.

Yes end of every month.

The cardano roadmap is left up. But specific dates are only announced when they are almost certain

I was just hoping there’s gonna be some specific or approximate dates