Love those new idea's!

Just spent over 2 hours on the phone with someone that has been working on developing a crypto based business.

I like it,I think I like it too much, I have been telling them to bring it to the Cardano network for awhile now and i think they will :+1::+1:

The truth is they were involved with a multi level program in January involving Crypto and I coached them out of it and into developing their own business that would be of more benefit to them, should turn out kind of cool.
Tonight they expressed interest in being on the Cardano network - And I had to give them my take on Ethereum smart contracts and why they do not need one, pretty sure we will be talking about dapp’s in the next few day’s, I would love some help with explaining to this person what they could accomplish by being on the Cardano platform - - any takers?
Would you like to take a call from a prospect that will be on a crypto network? - he say’s he has not been able to get a response from any Crypto developers (except from sara technologies) - I believe it in this market, everyone is busy.
I have high hopes that some of you would like to educate this person on what you expect out of a real use case for crypto, I expect to be able to give you the full layout of his business design next week after he register’s the business.(Unless he reveals it himself), and I have high hopes that it will play hand in hand with Traxia as it seems to me to be a crypto that is needed on that network.

Let me know if you have time for a call :slightly_smiling_face:


You should introduce your friend to Emurgo directly. They will help and guide his business if they find it viable enough.


I would not be so sure about Emurgo …

From my personal experience with some of the Emurgo guys, I can only say that they take ages to reply. And when they do it’s just to ask more info, and then they ask for even more info …
Once you have filled all the paperwork they are asking you for … they don’t even bother to give you an answer.

… “silenzio stampa” … not a yes, not a no, not a maybe.
Complete silence, slash ignore.

And if by any chance after weeks of waiting, you end up calling them … the tone and the “up their own ass” attitude they have, will make you wonder how the hell an organisation that presents herself as “opened” or “distruptive” can be so full of corporatist crap ?

My advice,
… if you can achieve your scope with out having to deal with Emurgo, go for it.

If it was a first-person experience, then pls share us more as we should address this concern.
As John Dalberg-Acton said: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


Sounds like typical behaviour of people who feel they already have plenty on their plate and don’t need you adding to it. Probably nothing to do with corporate structure, just lack of resources relative to demand. Of course it is the responsibility of the “higher ups” to allocate more resources.

Considering it is a relatively new organisation, being be short staffed it’s normal.
But where I come from, it’s common courtesy to give someone a reply. Even if it is just “not interested right now”, “come back later”, or “go fish”.

In my opinion it is something else; a mentality divergence or vision difference between the core cardano team and the rest of the organisation.
On one hand you have the main guys from Cardano that are there trying to change the status quo.
… And around them you have a lot that just jumped in to “Blockchain” bandwagon for the money or because of the career opportunity.

Nothing wrong with either group, it’s impossible to have everyone sharing the same ideas.
The only problem is that, if you raise your expectations based on the first group, you are disappointed by the second.
And that, ends up living a bitter after taste that may put people off on the long run.

I do not really care what’s the cause of this kind of behaviour, it just simply means that Emurgo does not handle it professionally as Emurgo’s responsibility is how to hire, who to hire, how to design the workflow, how to handle and monitor these kinds requests etc. etc.

I would say a simple automated email that contains:

  1. Some friendly greetings,
  2. Detailed questionnaire form to fill (that could include some Business Plan request),
  3. Detailed explanations of the process,
  4. Expected processing time,
  5. Contact person assigned to the case/ticked (be personal).

would do, which is not hard to implement.

Of course, assuming that it was a legit complain from @151215


_ilap , it was not a complain, a complain is addressed to someone, and is usually associated with a customer experience.
Last time I checked, I was not a client of Emurgo :slight_smile: and they do not owe me anything in the end.

In my post I was just trying to point out that you can’t rely on Emurgo to do stuff on Cardano. If you can get your project done without involving Emurgo, its probably better.

Now apologies for unintentional highjacking the topic…

… getting back to the topic title …
“Love those new idea’s!” … What Ideas ?

My feeling is that everyone is focusing so much on the fintech aspect that we are missing almost everything else.
We kind of ended up with a lot of “the same Mary with a different hat”, similar projects promising the same thing over different chains.

Can anyone name 5 (RL) blockchain projects that do not involve finances? … With out googling :slight_smile:

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@151215 Hi Cristian! I’m sorry about your bad experience while talking to us. We have been hit with a lot of inquiries, but it’s not excuse. We are growing the team as fast as we can so we improve the response time on some requests.

I’m happy to talk to you, giving you feedback and also in being publicly responsible in giving you a formal answer about your project. Can you send me a private message?

Sorry again about not giving you a straight answer in a fair amount of time


Yes fintech is the big hitter, the big drive to get the financial industry involved in pushing BTC out to the masses, most of those tokens are laughable.

(Not Fintech)

I am unable to disclose the specifics of the business design unless interested parties are willing to sign a NDA.
It is a great idea though, it should turn out to be a real use case for crypto currency, it is very complicated with several facets and will be subject to regulatory oversight, no ICO, and I hope the design builds a bridge to those that still believe in fiat and the bridge ends up operating like a peg, or even a safe harbor for trader’s, we will see, I do have high hopes though, it will be a service oriented contract.

I think the C-Corp articles have been written up by the lawyers (U.S.) and there are several interested individuals waiting for the service to launch, it looks like it will initially be launched from the U.S. as that is where the known resources/networks are operating under licence (the lawyers are international to some degree although I am not aware of how far it extends).

I really wish I could just put it out there for you all to take a look at it, I started this thread knowing that several view points given to a new crypto business would help this person understand “Why Cardano”, since I have posted the person is coming around to being on the network but wants there own wallet - which brings to mind: Is anyone working on contract wallets that a brand can put their label on?

Anyhow the more connections this person has the better, they are not really a forum user, they do all their work on the phone, e-mails, but mainly phone I think, so if you are up to speaking to them let me know pm.