Cardano-Based Crypto Research--need a CTO

I am putting together a pitch deck for a Cardano-based investment research company focused on cryptoassets. The idea is to produce institutional-grade research and make it available through a web portal. I am thinking about introducing token-based access to content, governed by a Cardano smart contract but I am open to other ways to manage this.

I am looking for a technical co-founder to help build/manage the platform and provide support for technical evaluation of potential crypto-investments. I intend to secure financing within 2-3 months and grow aggressively from there, generating reports, hiring staff and targeting institutional investors as they enter the market this quarter.

Please reach out if you have the skills and are willing to help.


Great idea, @ZCryt0Knight. Good luck and my best wishes to you! While I will be a consumer of your research/content, I unfortunately do not have the technical background or knowledge to join you on this exciting venture.

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Good luck man, I know you have spent the time to understand Cardano and I think if you look in the right place you will find someone, you might reach out to some of those guy’s involved with Weiss rating’s, their crypto experts seem connected and might be willing to pass on your endeavor to their peers.

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@Risus76 @anon20038177 thank you guys. This is my first serious venture so I have been methodical in my approach to study the space and tie the needs of traditional institutional investors with capabilities of crypto platforms like Cardano.

I think there is a huge knowledge gap (hence upside potential) in this space for anyone who can deliver value.


Emurgo and SOSV launch dLab::emurgo – a New York City-based startup accelerator and venture studio focused on distributed ledger technologies and Cardano. Applications are now open!

Press release:
Official page:


Looks like a great venture! I’m not your guy for a lot of reasons but if I can ever help I will.

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Thank you! I just applied.

Thank you @Donnybaseball. I have identified someone already… will see what happens. If they are serious, it would be great to get started.

Hi, sounds like an interesting endeavor. Would like to know the details? I have written extensively on various blockchain tech.

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