Hi Cardano

Hello everyone! Excited to join Cardano on this epic journey. I am a former strategy / management consultant who is transitioning into opening a small business with my wife. In my former life, I worked with Banks on their payments and loan operations (don’t hate the bankers, the people I worked for didn’t destroy the economy). I really got into crypto about a year ago and find that the more I learn, the more I want to get into the gory details of how this stuff works.

Cardano really grabbed my interest because of the approach it is taking to develop the solution. Cardano, through the processes they are establishing (peer review of proof based papers, high assurance code, etc.), is defining what will come to be known as best in class development in the crypto space. I don’t know what that will mean for price, but I’m excited to witness what I believe will be, over a long period, an exceptional project.

Excited to be here. I look forward to finding new ways to support the project.


Welcome Stefan, good to see you on here

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And congratulations.

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Thanks! Big year…

Team - curious about the best ways to support Cardano as a non-technical resource. Is there a special section on this site to help?

Hi Stefan, sorry this is so delayed, I only just saw this topic. You might be interested in this community effort: https://cardanowiki.info

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Glad to have you on board!

Best, Sean