Office Hours for Cardano Developers & Entrepreneurs looking to build in Cardano w/ Nicolas Arqueros, Council Member @ CF

Hi :wave:

I just joined the CF and I’m really interested in hearing more from Developers and Entrepreneurs looking for build in Cardano, so I would like to schedule 15 min ”office hours”. The topic of discussion could be:

  • Ideas that you may want to see happening
  • Problems that you are facing as Developer / Entrepreneur
  • Feedback from me about something

Who is interested?

Disclosure: I’m doing this as part of the CF, but I don’t represent the Council or the team at the CF. Rather, this is just me trying to have a better communication with the community.


Hi Nico. Congrats on your expanded role with Cardano by serving on the board. A few thoughts from me:

  1. While I’m going to stake via Yoroi, my consumer-centric preference will be to stake via exchange. I’m staking Tezos on Coinbase. Making sure Cardano has the necessary APIs for exchange staking seems important for the roadmap.
  2. I think we need more enterprise use-cases like the New Balance product. I posted about a similar product I stumbled upon in South Carolina of all places while on Thanksgiving break. Here’s that forum post.

I think one of the biggest challenges for platforms like Cardano that prevent adoption will be concern about program longevity. A couple of ideas to address this:

  1. Alliances with established technology companies to increase confidence
  2. Even more transparency - BAT/Brave has a really interesting transparency dashboard that shows the growth (or not) in their Advertiser platform -

Hope this helps spark conversation and ideas. As a product owner, I think it would be interesting to see not only the already published roadmap, but also the epic user stories that support the roadmap.



  • Human Readable Addresses. Crypto Domains?
  • Accounting. Letting retail and consumers tally transactions by type. Budgeting.
  • Make clones of yourself and Sebastien


  • Understanding how crypto works, how to develop an app for an economy that isn’t quite crypto ready, and writing contracts is a difficult and slow process.


  • Going to check out tangata manu in the coming weeks. Will take you up on the offer for questions or feedback if need be.

Congrats on CF position and thanks for the effort on this project!


First of all, CONGRATS!! I’m more than interested in sharing and learning as a developer. I am in the process of creating an system requirement (SRS) document for a DApp that I intend to developed and deploy on the Cardano blockchain. I have questions on separating on-chain and off-chain code as well as integrating it with decentralized storage like IPFS, etc. I would love to discuss some of the different development tools available in the Cardano ecosystem that could expedite the development process.


As an Entrepreneur, my biggest challenge have been locating a Rust/Haskell developer that wants to join the team and adapt our solution over to the Cardano ecosystem.
In other words, I am still looking :stuck_out_tongue:
The roadmap and development plan is very clear in what needs to be done, so now it just sits there waiting…

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There is a large Haskell community in NYC. They have a big meetup group. I’ve been tempted to reach out to them. Want me to poke around for you?

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Oh, yeah, that would be very nice of you. Thank you!

I would like to know more about developing DApps in Cardano. Is there libraries for side-chains that could be used for developing a side-chain in agriculture. How can we make sure that we develop everything by law, regulation that a country has and where as a developer we can learn best practices in working with these regulations, laws ?

Is there a posibility to develop React Dapps and do you have any libraries that could be useful when developing a side-chain ?

ways to store more than tx information on chain (custom json, text, etc.)

ways to issue non-fungible tokens like credentials/tickets on-chain (w/out tx costs?)

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Hey Nico…

Thanks for doing this.

Its a breath of fresh air to have real outreach.

Our target issue:

Cardano has many “points of contact” but until treasury and CIP workflow is established, there is a clear gap on how the community can actually mobilize to help build or contribute other than to “ask at the AMAs” or “send those guys at emurgo an email”.

Unfortunately, most of these “channels” don’t have active response mechanisms. (I’ve tested most of them)

Our proposal:

  1. Let’s figure out an effective/efficient workflow to onboard the right human capital and get them deployed to work on non-core tasks that cumulatively will create ecosystem support when we go MainNet.

  2. An example: Bobby wants to start a Cardano podcast for Portuguese speakers. He is requesting “sponsorship for equipment” of $500 and maybe a few Cardano staff interviews to get his viewership going. Obviously, this project would require an application/conversation and a launching workflow.

This type of low risk/high reward project would currently have a tough time being heard/launched/supported with the current ecosystem.

Do we have a way of creating the workflow to enable a “bridge” solution (until Treasury) for this type of project development?

If we had a workflow that could launch 100s of these grass-roots projects, our eventual long-term gain would be worth it.

Ps: I am capable/willing/available to help develop this skunkworks lab :slight_smile:

*Pss: Watch our channel vids for a little taste of how we work


monero’s Community Crowdfunding System would be a nice reference model

I’m a K-12 educator in central Wyoming, my coworker and I would love to have 15 minutes of your time to pick your brain. We are building a top notch educational program for our students, as they respond to and love engaging with technology.

We are currently learning how to run Cardano stake pools and are slowly moving into Haskell, RUST, and WebAssembly development with our advanced students. Not being developers ourselves, we do lots of learning with our students, but we see lots of potential with the openness and research focused Cardano project. Software development is our weakest area, but we want to make it stronger as we go forward.

We have found the Cardano community to be very welcoming and helpful. We hope to be able to contribute to the success of Cardano as the project moves forward. We would be very interested in scheduling a 15 minute call with you!


@TonyFromShoshoni Much love from me to you and your students. You guys are on the right path as more and more programming languages are either gradually migrating toward functional programming or incorporating aspects of functional programming concepts. I am all the way in South Florida and I wish we had something like this locally.

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thanks Adam!

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Thanks Ryan! Let me know what you thought of Tangata

I personally would be interested in a 15 minute conversation with you about your thoughts on the points in your OP.

  • What type of idea’s will you be most inclined to put time into presenting to others
  • What type of problems can you imagine a Developer/Entrerpreneur might encounter
  • Feedback :thinking: after getting settled at the CF how will you be most effective in your role while there?

If you are up for a quarter of an office hour let me know and maybe we could jump on a casual call to chit chat.

I’m sending you a PM

Goguen is still WIP. Let’s see what IOHK brings to the market and we will try to cover the rest in CF by supporting community efforts