Hello from the US, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Hello. I’m David and live in Lancaster, PA. I’m a small business owner focused on eLearning and I recently founded a new online gaming company (progame sports). I got interested in Cardano while exploring blockchain technology and ways to innovate. I have a peer to peer concept built into my app and am not an expert in blockchain. I need to get smart on blockchain and Cardano and get a blockchain partner. From what I’m reading, really liking Cardano. Hello!


Hi David, I’m originally from Lancaster, Ohio! Welcome to the community. You have interesting skillset and might find the discussion Cardano Kids & Cardano Teens: Like It? of interest. I think your experience and knowledge would be very useful in helping us refine our ideas and design an approach. See you around.


Welcome to this community

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@regsanman Thank you for the referral to the discussion, very near and dear to my heart.

Please do consider me a resource. I’ll watch the discussion and want to engage.

My Skype id: dealy14.

Warmest thanks.


Welcome, David!

When you say you’re looking for a blockchain partner, do you mean a blockchain developer or just someone who’s familiar with the architecture?

Cardano is built on Haskell, so core developers are still a pretty rare breed at this point as far as I can tell.

Thank you @nsticco for the welcome and note. Both. My online gaming start up is two people strong, so my thought is adding a Cardano/Haskell partner who can “develop”, would be powerful, def unique in the US.

I’m trying to innovate. The usual entrepreneur’s dilemma.

Are you a familiar with architecture or a developer?

Thx again for the note.

I would fall more into the familiar with the architecture category. I’m currently exploring ideas for python based web applications that would interact with Cardano through the API. Still early days though.