Hello from Angola!

Hi everyone!

My name is Alexandre and I’m originally from Angola but, currently getting a PhD in Geosciences at Penn State University. I’m excited about the opportunity of learning more about the nuts and bolts of the Cardano blockchain and share that knowledge with the people in Angola as we are in desperate need for it.

I just started learning Haskell yesterday, I have plenty of programming experience but this is my first time learning a purely functional language. If anyone could provide me with a brief “curriculum” for the theory behind Cardano blockchain development, I’d be really thankful! I’m willing to put in the work to learn it no matter how long it takes (because that’s the Cardano way, isn’t it?)



Hello and welcome @Alexandre_Santos :slight_smile:

That’s great you are looking at Haskell.

Are there any blockchain groups / clubs / meetups at Penn? I wonder if there could be an opportunity for a little meetup!?

Best wishes,

Jon :slight_smile:

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Hi Jon,

As far as I know there is only one blockchain related meetup near Penn State, and that is the “Bitcoin Meetup”. I haven’t been to their meetings but it seems like they are more focused on trading than blockchain or even app development.


Hi @Alexandre_Santos - thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Hi @Alexandre_Santos and welcome to the forum

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Hello and Welcome to the Cardano Community! Great having you on board!

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hello @Alexandre_Santos welcome!

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welcome Alexandre!

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Hi Alexandre, i’m no computer scientist but just exploring and learning the different aspects of the Cardano project gives me much hope and belief on the impact it will have in Africa. I’m a believer.


Kilimo - Nairobi, Kenya


Welcome @Alexandre_Santos!

Seja muito bem vindo @Alexandre_Santos, um abraço aos Angolanos de de parte de um companheiro brasileiro.

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