dApp Project - Looking for Partners

Hi Cardano Community

I have a dApp project/idea I want to get off the ground with the right people.

I will probably have a TGE when the project is properly defined and while I would have loved to have done this on Cardano, as the CCL isn’t ready this will probably happen on Ethereum and migrate when the time is right (like Traxia plans to).

I have been following Cardano (from afar) and as a Computer Science graduate (many years ago mind), I am drawn to the methodology of the project and the future possibilities. I would therefore like to build this dApp on the Cardano blockchain/ecosystem.

If you are interested in getting involved in a project to create a dApp that may gain broad adoption (as it is an idea that people may find useful even without a blockchain backing) and you have some experience in blockchain science and/or development or decentralised databases then let me know.

It is early days, but I can provide more details to anyone interested. I am based in Perth, Australia and have many years experience in IT delivering large scale solutions (most recently SaaS). I know I can bring the experience needed to deliver the application, however I recognise that my blockchain knowledge is limited. Check out my LinkedIn profile at [https://au.linkedin.com/in/phillewisit]

I look forward to hearing from some of you.




I’d be interested on this project, since I’m studying haskell and getting more into coding just to be part of Cardano revolution.

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Hey @boscokim, thanks for the reply. I thought this post was dead and buried :smile:

Where are you based?

You mentioned that you are just getting into coding, so what is your background currently?

I haven’t progressed my idea much since posting this (having a whitepaper 75% done), but am hoping to come back to it at some stage. I was really looking for someone with an existing strong blockchain background, but would also need someone with marketing experience, especially in retail.

Im intersted, please would you share some details about what you think to do ( just to get an idea about your project ) … first to see if the field is a match to my skills or something…

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Hi @ishleh

I’m looking for partners with background in the following:

Nothing get buried when it comes to blockchain lol.
I’m newbie to the coding space, starting with haskell and plutus now… later I will get into front end… also good retail experience with customer service / care, management, translation (Eng/Sp/Pt).