Looking for a Cardano developer for simple dapp idea in the near future (seeking_developer)

Please contact me if you have the programming knowlege/experience for a simple dapp idea I want to make.

We can talk coownership or payment for your work. I don’t think this project would be hard to make, just requires a few simple task.

Thanks for your time. Feel free to message me here.

I would be using this app primarily to interact with my business and community.

@XZact mentioned in another topic:

Dor mentioned in one of the catalyst videos that within catalyst you can add or search for tags such as seeking_developer, seeking_marketer etc… to help find people to contribute to your ideas

How do I use the tag

There is a search bar on the catalyst site
Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 8.41.36 PM

Where is the catalyst site?

cardano . ideascale .com

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I dont really want to submit a proposal this is just a small personal projects for myself that could possibly be used in the future by the community.

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