How to ask for help for a cardano project

Hello to the whole Cardano community. Since I started learning about cryptocurrencies, I loved how cardano can change the future, I sincerely believe cardano these days can be considered microsoft in the beginning. More than anything I want to be part of this future, despite holding my ada, I would like to develop my idea for bolckchain, but the problem is that I don’t know where to start, my biggest problem is that I don’t have no technical skills to execute my ideas, How can I expose my ideas and ask for help with the technical execution?
Thanks everyone for reading this message.

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What you are talking about is something like a pool of available services from community devs, w/e.

To my knowledge Cardano hasn’t none for now.


ehm, Catalyst. What you are describing is Catalyst :slight_smile: .

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I didn’t knew Catalyst provided that service pool!


Noted @rin9s! :wink:


You should visit more :smiley:
I mean it doesn’t provide specific services, but I hope it fits what our friend is looking for -

And can be a nice way to connect with devs and others…

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Are you looking for help to start a staking pool, or is it something else?

What i want to built is not a stake pool, but an new type of streaming service/kickstart. I love bussiness, so in my free time i read a lot about starups, types of leader, marketing, how to invest money, etc…
I am in the cardano community for some time, and i read something about Elon musk, where he talk about getting is first job, where he think " why not create my own job", that stuck with me.

Thank, i will try to begin from here…

I am from portugal.If there are any portuguese develop, i would like to speak for at least i understand what are the technical challenges i must face.