How Could I Best Contribute to Cardano?

Hello everyone,

I’m a college student in the United States in my final year studying International Affairs and Economics. I’m interested primarily in the financial and political development of Cardano. Frankly, I just think I can do more good contributing to something like the Cardano Foundation than most corporations or political candidates. I hope for a world where humans remain sovereign beings, and where power is taken away from unaccountable financial institutions or globalist organizations; and I see Charles and this project as one of the few viable ways we could achieve this.

Not sure exactly what role I could play, but I was thinking of joining the business development or government affairs side of the Cardano Foundation, or even writing blog/news content. I have experience interning on Capitol Hill and in a political survey research firm. I enjoy writing opinion articles, and have published seven so far. In addition, I am reasonably knowledgeable about SPSS, SQL and JavaScript, so am somewhat tech- and data- literate but not to the point of becoming a developer. Language-wise, I am fluent in Czech and English.

Do you think that there are any opportunities where someone like me could help Cardano’s development and adoption? If so, I’d love to be directed to them :slight_smile: Thanks!


Welcome filip49

You’re in a good place and will find several ways in which to develop with the skill set you have, think about you’re passion and follow that.

You may also find some collaborative roles in Project Catalyst (link below), it’s possible you could help out with some of the projects already developing from previous funding rounds.
Contact a few of the projects and offer to assist, there’s some great development going on and loads of opportunities out there.

Best Wishes :blush:

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Oh, that’s great, thanks! So if I understand it right it’s basically a community forum to submit solutions for projects Cardano would like to undertake? I suppose I could do some on the political/business side.

I’d also love to intern for the Cardano Foundation somehow :slight_smile: Though I know that’s quite lofty.

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Well i m in the middle f finalising a Catalyst proposal where i want to assemble a complete team : a profile like yours seems intresting to me and i d propose if you would be intrested in being part of a Catalyst Initiative then let me know and we can schedual a face to face call ?

Always nice to see really motivated people. Besides skills motivation is key to success

Welcome to the Cardano family in any ways

Hi, sure, and thanks! Could you tell me more about what kind of initiative this is?

I was thinking the same thing and for me it was art. I think everyone can contribute their unique talents in so many different ways. Maybe you could translate articles into Czech? Or start the only Czech language Cardano YouTube channel. I imagine you would learn alot.

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There is a Czech blog called Cardanians. I contacted them to ask to do some editing of their English articles for grammar, form etc. however they didn’t respond.

Hi, it is a rather extensive project so i propose for a face to face call in which i can explain the project and i can get to learn a bit more about you and your skills.

You can email me so i have your contact details and we can schedual a skype call

My mail is

Could you give me a 1-3 sentence summary first? I’d need to understand what the nature of this project is.

Well, its the creation of a chain of youtube channels working together and led by Langbassadors, who explain how to vid’s and also bring weekly/monthly newsvids talking about cardano but in non english languages. Not only Cardano is an item, but also catalyst projects, the charity of choise from the Langbassador aimed to help the local language community.
So any non english language is intresting for that.

But it is one of the ‘modules’ for the creation of a Collective of Team members ( with a wide ray of skills ) working closely together but each ‘module’ can be started individually if needed

OK. Emailed you