Seeking Advice - How To Be Part Of Cardano

Hey guys. I would like to seek your input and suggestions on how I can somewhat seek a career/future/participate in this space.

Ill try to summarize best I can a little bit about me in hopes you guys can see where I could possibly fit and what I can learn/plan/execute.

Im 37 years old, from Malaysia.

Professional Experience in order :
-Retail Banking & Wealth Management - 11 years

-Left banking to be a COO for an HVAC startup -2 years

-Left HVAC to startup my own digital marketing agency - 3 years and still running with active clients specializing in F&B businesses.

-Concurrently running a successful startup in logistics as Managing Director (1 year+) the idea of this venture came about during covid lockdown and logistics were booming.

Skill sets -

Learned how to do basic HTML & CSS by reading on forums and watching tutorials. Website building via script not wordpress etc.

Learned how to use photoshop and AI for content designs for marketing

Learned how to perform video content for marketing purposes. Planning, Shooting, Editing and Final product

I build cars for fun and participate in circuit racing. I can build Japanese engine particularly. I do my own custom wiring harnesses, engine rebuilds, basic ECU tuning (lack access to a dyno machine)

Im an avid DIY kind of guy and also a one-man army. I spend tons of hours learning new stuff eversince i was exposed to the internet. Ive always been so grateful for forums, video tutorials and knowing how technology has given me not only a source of income, but also giving me pleasure in feeding me knowledge, and satisfying my thirst for input.

Ive heard about ADA a couple of years back from a couple of friends. We do these earth retreats deep in the jungle, where we fast and become vegetarians for 30 days before heading out to the jungle for a couple of days. In the network of friends, some talked about ADA. That led me to do some research. But only started buying ADA last year as I had some change to spare.

Right now im looking to learn new stuff again and wanna be part of this new technology. I believe this is and will be the future, its inevitable. But im still having difficulties to see where i fit in the space. Im not a programmer or an software developer, but ive always had the interest. Ive read so many comments on difficult it is as well here in the space about Haskell, Plutus etc.

Realistically where can I fit in? Thank you in advance and sorry for the long read, I’ve tried to summarize the best I can.


Hey @Dhinesh_Dev, welcome to the forum!
I’m far from being the most knowledgeable guy here, but I’m also a newcomer and I also want to contribute. What I’m working on is to try to understand Cardano as much as I can, and translate what I learned into layman’s terms to make myself able to explain Cardano and ADA to people even less technically oriented than I am.


hey mate :slight_smile:

Ive been talking to people close to me and a handful of them started buying and researching ada. Im now thinking if there is a way to aid in adoption or providing services that cater to ADA. The other day i read about plugins for websites that accept ADA as payment. Was wondering if maybe starting a small local market place accepting ada as payment would be a good start lol


Hello and welcome!

I’d highly suggest you to create a twitter account and start getting more involved with the community!

When you start to get to know more people, get into some more conversations (Twitter spaces, discord groups), i’m pretty sure you’ll be able to identify how you’ll be able to contribute to the community/ecosystem.

With that being said, you can do the same with other socials, get in to groups and get more involved!

This should get you started :slight_smile:

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Take cold shower and stop buying Starbucks.

Obviously joking.

I think what Cardano needs is more content creators spreading the message. You said you own digital marketing agency. So you can use that knowledge and be a content creator for Cardano.

I believe ADA doesn’t have many friends in the media. In fact, it gets a lot of dishonest coverage. People like you can help in this battle.


Hi folks,

Have we got a deal for you! I know that sounds tacky but it seems true!

We are doing educational research and innovation. We want to support you and everyone in their learning, and we’re working in the Cardano environment to bring about transformation to the system, especially in how it’s centralization works against many of us.

If you look at our project(s) you may see a place for yourself in it. This is the report on our project that got funded recently Needs Assessment Acknowledgments and Report #2 - YouTube

This project is about the Proposal Assessor competency in Project Catalyst, so that can be a good on-ramp to learn more about Cardano and ADA from another point of view (more dev than marketplace).

We also have a website where you can leverage your interest in learning about Cardano, and join in our action research. It’s too long to explain here, we invite you to check out our website also,

Michael Modig


Hello @Dhinesh_Dev @gadfly16 the best place to best place to start getting involved in Cardano is Project Catalyst. I have been around since last year and am currently looking forward to make it my full time job. There are some many roles I could have from proposing, assessing proposals, collaborating with funded proposers and many more. I hope you find your call there and incase you have any question fell free to ask welcome to best community. Here are some handful links

Project Catalyst official:

Catalyst Community Discord: Cardano Project Catalyst

Catalyst Community Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ProjectCatalystChat

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yea actually ive been following lots on the cardano, ada and iohk updates on twitter. much exciting stuff there. starting the see the massive community that cardano has garnered and nothing short of amazing. Slowly I’m still trying to figure out how I can aid in adoption. There’s plenty of land here in Malaysia aimed toward agriculture, friends who own land, perhaps one day I will be able to connect the dots. But yeah, will do my best to keep up to date and hopefully I find my eureka moment :slight_smile:

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aha. jokes on you. i dont drink starbucks lol. i drink regular old coffee from the locals :joy:

yea I have thought of that, my concern here was my lack of technical knowledge wouldn’t allow me to be the best content creator, and I would probably only be able to regurgitate what others are saying or be one of those guys who give “predictions” with clickbait and shocked faces haha jk.

I have considered this and perhaps might tap into it. Content with quality that is.

The cardano community is strong from what I’ve seen, despite misinformation being spread I was able to dig deeper, see through the deceit and form a conclusion on why its even happening. It took me a while to see the whole picture. Ive started participating in conversation via socmed, now that i have a better picture and understanding of the space.

Thank you so much Michael! Watched the video and definitely will be submitting my interest through the study buddy form! I feel like this is exactly what I needed, a place for guidance and knowledge.

Thank you BabaElliot, will go through the links and see if there’s anything I can fit into.

Hi there. You could start here?