Joining this epic movement

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing well in this crash.

I have been thinking for awhile about joining this financial and humanity revolution and I am pretty freaking excited! I cant wait for all of the power-hungry and centralised people crumble down and accept the defeat that they should have accepted since the financial crisis and before.
I feel that most of the Cardanians here are pretty awesome people and of course, Charles is a legend. Thank you for this.

Currently, I am looking for the opportunity to be involved in this movement, especially after my exam in a few days time. However, I do not know where to start. I havent touch programming before (although learning the big picture of it would be great but idk where to learn this big picture programming stuff) so I guess Im not qualified here. I am studying accounting and finance, maybe there is this sort of stuff/related stuff I could explore here? Does anyone have any thoughts?

I sincerely appreciate any of your wise advice and comments. Thank you very much. <3 I hope you guys had a great weekend.


There are risks and there are frauds.
Dont jump in this pool and forget the reality.
The acceptance of the system is needed and this is a kind of protection.So dont say there are power hungry peoples and thats it.
Its not so simply.
If you wanna have success with ada and cardano, you have the get them in the boat.

Maybe you can play good with it but to think its a change in the system, that will have only winners and loosers(the old system).
Not a realistic idea.
Go easy and slow if you dont know all the details…

(I dont know them either)

EDIT: Respect is a door opener because this shows you can listen too.

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Good start to go through the main principles of Cardano project:


I would recommend you continue to learn as much as you can not only about Cardano but blockchain tech in general. This way you will get a good understanding of business use cases and see just how special Cardano really is. Also take a look at Marlowe. Marlowe was created to let financial professionals create smart contracts without having programming skills.

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Thanks Laplasz and Donny. I understand the basics of blockchain and the infinite amount of use cases for it from the online course made by Hong Kong University on EDX. Its absolutely fantastic. Thats what got me deeper into this, learning more about this space and eventually Cardano.

Is the alpha.marlowe the starting point?

Also do you happen to know anyone who has a project that I could join even though I may not have the skills? I am willing to learn.

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Hi Vizva!
Thank you Sir for your kind comment.
Good point, yes. Do you know how are you/cardano are going to bring them into this ecosystem without resisting? I am very interested to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

Have a good day

Check out Catalyst.It’s our decentralized venture capital fund where the community votes on projects to fund with money from the Cardano Treasury. Check out the projects people have submitted and join the Discord and Telegram channels and make some friends!

Also you can go the IOHK YouTune channel and see some of the weekly Catalyst town hall meetings.


I am in a similar boat. Interested in working on projects related to Cardano. I wonder if there is events and join up communities to start some kind of projects?

Hi StjXDeFi

They run the ecosystem for a long time.And if something change, the representative of the state wanna have still a control.

And that is was a citizen should demand.
Very exciting possibilities but no losses in other regions.

That you cannot replay and follow transactions is one thing which i personally dont see as a success.

The black money the drug money and the other crime money.If it circulate without control, the poison will come everywhere.And a police cant follow a track.Nor do they know where the head is now.
Now think the mafia in the time when the Rico act come out, have a cryptocurrency.

Iam concerned about that the day could come that cryptocurrencys will be suspended or restricted, if they cannot fulfil some requirements.

Have this in mind if you create something.It must have a base that you can integrate in the old, and functionally world.

So resisting is for me that you can do your technical but you need too a base for acceptance in the , so called old world.

I hope that they can all agree with the end product…

Have a nice time like i have with this new product :slight_smile:

I see. Thank you. Got to have the balance still.

Do you mean cardano as the new product? Then, it pretty successful then, the african governments have accepted cardano.

Yeah thats what I am trying to find as well. Hate sitting on the sidelines haha

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Thank you @Donnybaseball

Do you mean joining project’s discord group that Catalyst had funded?

What does the town hall meetings do? Discussing new projects?

I agree, because of crime and the rampant up tic in ransomware attacks to be successful crypto will need to include know your customer and have a solid digital identity included with wallets to be able to know exactly where the currency went. Without that I fear it will be legislated out of practical existence.

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The town halls keep you updated on what is going on with things for that week. It has a variety of information.

There is a general Catalyst discord group where people can meet up, ask questions, etc.

To look at projects go here:

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Well… the world of crypto is huge, and its expanding at a rate which is so great that even if you knew it all you wouldn’t keep up. So the answer is to find something you like and explore it. Where you end up depends on what gets you up in the morning, don’t chase money, do it for fun. For my part I find that as I learn things, it leads to other things, and then before I know it i’m in a world of wonder.

Having said all that, I have investigated many many crypto ideas and technologies, but Cardano and all the many (expanding) parts of it are what I find most interesting. But that’s me. Other people above have suggested exploring the whole space, and there’s a reason for that. That’s where Cardano is going. Currently its quite immature, but its deep, and its going places.

Yeah, I get you.

Thats why I am currently trying to earn decent income from my investment and hopefully be able to self-sustain even if I dont have any job/active income.

Yep Kev. Its expanding and doing great things. But me being a noob, i am looking for opportunities to be involved in projects that are related to defi.

yes cardano is a product